C. K.  November 2001


The moment the motion begins

Of the mind which is already before the brain

Is for a flight to freedom,   for sure .



An innocent accepted premise

That feels bad though

Is already in the first place

The bars of the prison



Repeating again and again

With no success

Is already the mind in the trap.




And a mind in a trap

Is how already a gloomy world

Ignores your vanishing freedom



Senses without the person

As a looking that the image

Looks at you

Makes no difference if it is you or not


So many prisons plotted

In a collective net

Warm and heavy


The strong eagles eye open

Devours your freedom

And you still think

It is you



The key to unlock the prison


Unaccepted as trivial

Just in front of you

But after so much hell

Impossible that it is this






In spite your arrogant

Slipping and the hell

The human is innocent

And when a moment comes with time

From no time

That stops the time



And the life begins