She was all light of cloths with shadow

The wind blows

She does not make the difference of anything

She knows everything

Wings of butterfly that dances without butterfly in the flowers

You do not see her even when she is kissing you



She knows the dawn and the evening

She knows the stars

She is not feeding the flesh

She is not a ghost

She is not dead

She has no race

She cannot die.



Every one remembers her

and shall have forgotten her like that

She is not an ancestor

She is stepping with tired shoes

on rotten memories

and flies your beautiful feelings

with large wings



She travels your life in new places

on earth and

even among the stars

It can make the sky, the sea

and the moon

at the evening watch in the beach

feel like a closed temple of shelter



It multiplies the meaning of peoples words

and the causes of peoples actions

It has no proud or humility

decency, shame or lasciviousness

She can delete half of your brain

with an evening sunset



The sleep shall spread her hair

in the hands of the young girls to play

in the temple of your love



The ancient spirit spoke to me

and its voice was sight.

It's words were touching the sun.



With every word it changed

a human face in a human face.

Few faces that I new

even my face,

but mostly many more unknown to me,

men women and children

that have lived , live and shall live

Beautiful faces , living faces.



No one human could claim its words

or its second person interplay.

The spirit lets me choose the meaning



" I am your free time

maybe I am none

But I can be who you want"


I spoke to it and I said:

I prey for my will be free 

When I do not want to listen to the voices,

then not to hear them,

and when I do not want  to see at the faces,

then not to see them


But it is to you

When you want , and I want too

then to listen to the voices

and when you want , and I want too

then to see at the faces.