SANTORINI   September 99



Crossing perpetually from the underworld

To the upper and from the upper to the down,

I didn’t  know  where I saw more beauty

or more fright.

The mortal body as multiplied

In billions in the stars

Distant planets

Like immortal and of a stranger.

 Miraculously re-formed

Escaping in the walkman

Is  the same asphyxiating

As the escape in no-doing



In the unwritten poetry

The real life

Of Odysseus

Begins again

When after having return in Ithaca

And after all that was to happen

Starts again

Magically young

Again from the island of Calypso

To do those that  were not  to


In the unwritten poetry there is also

An Odysseus that

Having lived the whole of his life

In Ithaca and dreaming

Distant Journeys

Succeeds, when his is no young any more

To travel free.



Like a viscous sun

That any 

Shape , idea or dream

Makes true

But for you to

Continue to live

Is a dream that you have to dream



The sign again  was writing

For  arrival and departure

Large with little lights

But all the stations of the train were not

The same Large


The pattern in the secret carpet

Is to finish ,in larger measure

In the same piece of one life


Neither the words that were speaking the speaker

Penetrating like deep arrows

That crossed not the sky

But the very rock

Neither the words that were like

The flame that clears the smoke


They were not

To spit the bitter wheat

They were locking the


And they were growing the seed

For before?

For after?

Nobody knows!


Yesterday happen the impossible

After 7 years

Even momentarily only.

Lasted so little

But it was exactly as I knew

It should be

No surprise

Only the surprise that happened.



Invisible turns from 92 to 96.

Four years!

They gave totally different

Landscapes in the underworld

I mean the hidden

Different colors in lava

Different temperature

Different alchemy

Hell for sure

At least that which I chose

To cross and not that

That they hooked

In the inaccessible


The crystals of Shining stone

Still exist all of them

Scattered but verified

A matter of  unpredictable



When ?

How ?

Even if?

All uncertain.

The new sun ready to be born!


The temples and the Gods changed again.

The beloved words that are not any more

The world dissolved greater

More human

And the threats closer and bigger

But it is more and more late for failures


People began to live with the new concepts

Of an other fate ,better for sure

They started to wear them like new cloths

Without realizing the big step they did.


Who would remember the gap the separates

The new luck from the older?


We play with the worst demons of the ancient


And we do not even understand from where they came, why they are here and what is to happen.


The murder lost as killing but won a big victory

As an irreparable delay or

as ashes of a  Precious flame.


What was not dared to be desired ,

Now it is a gift

And it is not only that they do not know what to

Say  , or  write

but also what to feel about it.


Besides, all that were so passionate and sure about it

Has been lost and with them the old self too.


I keep know  a careful distance

from the hell and the Paradise . 

At least as far as is to play right the role

Of the human being with the many ways.






Reading of old  notes:


I opened with uncertainty 

The old manuscripts

If I should read them!


As they say it is better not to

Dig out more ancient ruins

So as to keep them better

For the coming centuries


I was looking the words

In the old sheets of paper.


Around each word,


With iridescence

Of beautiful colors


Reading them :

Sunshine that

Evaporated them


I hardly checked

Some of them

All the other lost

For ever

The words remained

For ever


(October 01)


Now the writing is white-frost

A little later shall be a stalactite

Like a grape from coral

Or like  leafs of an evergreen tree

That gathers morning-drops

Or even like actions

That are :

Them or the words

Not both.