(Poem in the memory of the spirit of  Paul Eluard)

                                    By C.K. January 2002


The sun of the night remembers

A whole forest of friends

but only a few with dry  roots

on brown soil without vision

and a stiff touch.


years walked on the river

and the green leaves

are wearing the purity

of the eyes of water in the sun



High flights that forget

in the snow of bright sun

until the sight of the green fields

the move of the pretty girl

and the wheel  of the land



Will the invisible city

in the sweat of the mind

that the sleep blossomed

shall become our steps

and the fingers of the work?

Only the planet knows!






Blue ships on the letters of the paper 

and the happiness  silent

in the dance of the lake in the light

in the heart of the sky

the wing of the light breath

and the work of the fingers




The smile of the girl opens the day.

With empty sky in the mind

and fast feet on the paved road

I wondered around

to a charming island in  ink

where I took off the sorrow in the dreams

and the sadness  in the heavy.


With a bike on two  hours ,

on the clouds,

rolling the light of a day ,

without measured minutes ,

in a perfect order

of the unexpected


All the girls moving

in the temple of the glance

shaking their hair as wings

in the wind of my light


Forgetful of the constructions

and their  blood in the brutal design

with an  ice-cream

 in the wholeness of the infinite

in the center of  the sun

I let the summer pass.




Grey clouds with the touch of steel

and the sky of the tiniest in us

 would not open yet

until years to walk in the sunshine

of the sea- side

before it became the simplest

at a glance,

still ,

hidden from the public

in the touch of your private love



The lonely pain from the stars

left me  a stone in the road-side

magnifying  the sunshine

of the happy presence of an old friend






Great day

of a hope unexpressed

Bright in the heart

of the waters



The  foam of bitterness

wont touch the happy leaves

in the wind of the sun 

for many years




The dream of

silent abundance

and unlimited  journeys

is at the end of the  fingers,

yet so impossible

to the bonds of  wildness








In the rain of the forest

the precious fire was hidden

in the light of the vapor

of an unexhausted memory

and the trust of a home




Till  the day of a true kiss

shall come again

In the flowered neck

in the roots of the light

in the sea of the body

in the snow of pure joy

in the  smile of excellence

in the conscious fire

that drinks the coldness

of the  road in the sleep

The happy mirror

that unfolds the light

of a feeling the empties

in the ecstasy of triumph

That you love me, that I love you







In the forgetful tree

and the smile of the grass

in the warmth of the sea

that sees me in cool light

I returned again, one great day

in the shape of my body

to remember  your  kiss

that born  the precious fire

of unending peace