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This novel is a science and cosmologic fiction story. It is also psychological fiction, economic fiction and metaphysical fiction. 

This novel contains all other novels in this page as sub-novels or paragraphs. 


It is the story of remote planet of the galaxy.  It is close to a highway gate of traveling outside the galaxy, to other galaxies, thus the center of attention to many different types of civilizations. The story of its plants animals and humanoids, is both a standard one of other living planets, but also  a characteristic exception of the rule. It is described not only  the hot or cold battle of the different civilizations and races that meet on it, but also the story of existential evolution of the human consciousness.  From this point of view it is also a psychological and personal development novel. 


1.1 The Layers of the World
1.2 Black Stars
1.3 The Founders and the Living Planetary Biospheres
1.4 Outer and Inner Planetary Biospheres
1.5 Intergalactic Civilizations Alliances

2.1 The Biosphere of the Planet Ble.
2.2 The Immortals of the planet Ble.
2.3 The fun of talking with Dolphins in Ble.
2.4 The  fair holographic existence of the administrative will in Ble.
2.5 Medical science in Ble.
2.6 The Existentialism in Ble.
2.7 The Sciences in Ble.
2.8 The distribution and circulation of wealth, in Ble
2.9 The Mission of the Lift-up of the planet Roida.
2.10 Allen and Alteh
2.11 The directed rebirth of Alteh.

3.1 The solar system of the planet Roida.
3.2 Mem the companion planet of Roida.
3.3 Paleontology of the planet Roida
3.4 Palentological wars on Roida.
3.5 U-Land and I-Land.
3.6 The Oblivion.
3.7 Genetic Interventions
3.7.1 The Salination of the Oceans of Roida.
3.8 Consciousness under Veil.
3.9 The Immortals of Roida.
3.9.1 Returning Sons of God and religions in Roida. 
3.10 The hostile Siege of Roida.

4.1 The early life of Ho
4.2 Money and Survival.
4.3 Money and Power.
4.4 Human Relations in Roida
.4.5 Ho meets Allen: The revelation
4.6 The life of Ho after his revelation.
4.6.1 New principles and values in the life of Ho. 

4.6.2 Keys of Liberation and new happiness of Ho

5.1 The Liberation of Roida, from the Hostile Siege . 
5.2 The living planet Mo in the sky of Roida, instead of the dead planet Mem.
5.3 The new allies of Roida. 
5.4 The Honoring of Ho. 
5.5 The homocentric square, egalitarian city of the inner Roida.
5.5.1 A distributive egalitarian network of Holodesks. 
5.6 Changes in the population inequalities in Roida.
5.7 Changes in the Mathematics in Roida.
5.8 Changes in the science of Physics in Roida.
5.8.1 The new enhanced Universal Attraction 
5.9 Changes in the Nutrition model in Roida. 
5.10 Changes in the Energy Model in Roida. 

5.11 Changes in politics of Roida

5.12 Changes in the system of Justice of Roida

5.13 Changes in the military organizations of Roida. 

6.1 The Initial Five Centuries of Light (0-500).
6.1.2 The Re-normalization of the Enterprises.
6.1.3 Votes versus Money. 
6.2 The Ten Dark centuries of Roida (500-1500).
6.3 The Regenerative Last five Centuries of Light (1500-2000).
6.3.1 The new  Universal Inner Visual , Voiceless, Intuitive and Telepathic language of Roida.

7.1 The metamorphosis of Roida, as a 2nd micro-resolution reality biosphere.

8.1 The unity in Roida comes now from the 5th micro-resolution reality.


The world is made from 10 micro-resolutions realities and 10 macro-resolution realities.
The reality of the protons , neutrons electrons is the 1st micro-resolution reality an the stars and planets, the 1st macro-resolution reality.The micro-resolution realities are materialized consciousness, while the macro-resolution realities are consiousized matter.
The visible world of stars and planets, is a self-rotating and shifting torus, of expanding and contracting sides. 
The planets and stars by their evolution are hollow, and their external shell is about 1/3 of their radius.
Billion of years ago, the Founders chose a number of planets and created 4 types of biospheres, that of Hydrogen, of Ammonia, of Methane and of Oxygen in the 1st micro-resolution reality. They also created the gates of the highways for instant traveling. Then they gradually shifted to higher resolutions of realities. Biospheres of other types exist also in the finer micro-resolution realities. 
Subsequent lower evolution civilizations gradually learned to travel , through the gates (but they cannot create gates) of the highways from solar system to solar system and transplant biospheres or modify genetically plants and animals. 
In the 8 galaxies around the planet, of the story, the civilizations have clustered, mainly, in two alliances. The Draconian Alliance, of the reptoids , mainly in the constellations of Dragon, Hydra, Orion, Sor B, and the Human Alliance (know also as Adomedian Alliance)  in numerous of constellations like Pleiades, Antares, Procyon, Sor A, etc. The reptoids are not mammal humanoids and give birth to eggs. The Reptoids of Dragon are gigantic 10 meters high, and is the oldest civilization that still insist to remain in the 1st micro-resolution reality for almost 4,5 billion years. 
The humans (homo-sapiens) mainly come from a civilization in the constellation of Lyra, that flourished there for 50 million years, and had come from another galaxy. The civilization of Lyra does not exist anymore.  The human civilizations have more than 300 color hues and different races, among the different constallations. 
A standard advanced human civilization like that of the planet Ble is about 3-4 thousand years more advanced than the civilization of Roida, and most of them exist in the 1st micro-resolution reality, less in the 2nd micro-resolution reality and even less in the 3rd and 4th micro-resolution reality. Time in the 1st micro-resolution reality in such a civilization, is counted by "years", where 1 year is the average time that takes, for a human 1st micro-resolution reality body, to substitute all its body-cells. 
The human alliance and the Draconian Alliance werein war for more than 500 thousands years, and this war has brought great destruction to the 1/3 of the galaxies. The war ended some thousand years ago, with no winner. 
The power system of the Draconians is that of the Kingdom (governs a Queen) with genetic aristocracy. Genetic aristocracy means that each time a citizen is promoted in the hierarchical ranks of aristocracy, it is subjected to genetic engineering, and is added to him, a tail, or wings, or other bodily features that make him (her)  stronger in battle. The kingdom of Draconians does not use money inside it, but they do use money, in commerce among different civilizations. They are carnivorous, and in the wars with humans, they like to eat as meat, the dead humans in the battles. 
When a primitive civilization iin the 1st micro-resolution reality, of a living planetary biosphere is in the verge of suspecting the existence of other civilizations in the galaxy, the human alliance visit it, if it will be chosen, and it helps it to raise the frequency of their bodies, and be able to communicate with them. (The frequency being that of the average spin frequency of protons, neutrons electrons of their 1st micro-resolution reality body, and it is affected mainly by the quality of the consciousness ). When they are able to communicate, they exchange values, principles etc, and if agreed, the emerging new civilizations joins the alliance. This is called Lift-up of the civilization. Otherwise it is left alone. The time of lift-up of Roida is the 0 in chronological references in the novel. 
Roida was chosen for Lift-up by the Human Alliance. Allen and Alteh are close friends in the civilization of the planet Ble, and have decided to join the Lift-up of Roida. As Alteh is old in age, he asks from the council of wise immortals of Ble, that his soul be born as a human being of the planet Roida about the time of Lift-up of Roida. And so it happens. Alteh is born in 60 B.L. as  a human being in the civilization of Roida, under the name Ho, who is one of the protagonists of the novel. 
The civilization in the Planet Ble, lives both in the outer and inner biosphere. In the 1st micro-resolution reality, they live at about 2 thousand years, while in 2nd,3rd,and 4th more.
The planetary civilization in Ble, does not use money, neither drags in medicine, and they are  mainly fruits and seeds eaters. The healing in medicine is through right frequencies of light , color, and sound. The communication in the civilizations is entirely telepathic, and they use an intuitive , graphical , inner-visual , voiceless, telepathic language. They have abandoned since millenniums the hierarchical system of flow of the will in administration. 
Because of the collective telepathy, the abstract minds are in close coordination, in union and therefore the souls too. The flow of the will is holographic. In other words the flow of the global will in the society, at each time moment, which includes planetary decisions, is automatically represented in the abstract minds of the individuals who are aware immediately what happens, and participate in it. 
The solar system of Roida, has 10 planets, The largest is called Zef. Between the 4th planet Ar and the 6th Zef there was  the orbit of the 5th planet Mem. The planet Roida is the 3rd from the sun (the sun is called Som). The planet Roida now has as companion planet the planet  Mem, slightly larger, but dead. . The internal sun of Mem is dead, and all the surface of Mem is a desert. The planet Mem was initially in orbit between the 4th planet Ar, and the 6th planet Zef. 
The biosphere of Roida which is of Oxygen type was transplanted mainly by the civilization of Lyra, and other sub-Lyra civilizations like Pleiades , Sor A etc. But the Draconins Alliance had  transplanting interventions too. 
In the inner biosphere of Roida exists an isolated city called Kalipolis of 20 million people, with homocentric cycles design and square external walls. The civilization of the outer biosphere of Roida is not aware of it. In Kalipolis they do not use money at all, and their government system is that of original direct democracy  mainly with random draws, rotation,  volunteering, but also by voting too. They are a few centuries only more advanced than the civilization of the outer biosphere of Roida. 
About 74 thousand years before the Lift-up (=B.L), it was founded on Roida on the Northern part of the ocean Pa, on a large island, the collective colony of U-land, from civilizations from the constellation of Lyra, Sor A, Pleiades , Ursa Minor (belongs to the Orion group and Draconian Alliance), Butese (Nims). While in 59 thousand years B.L. it was founded on Roida on the Northern part of the ocean Ta, on a round island, the collective colony of I-land, from civilizations from the constellation of Pleiades, Nim, Alderbarans, Antariaens, the Hayades, a group from Sagitarius and the Andromendans (in particular the Blues). As U-Land had a civilization from the Draconian Alliance (Ursa Minor), there was war between U-land and I-Land, and U-Land was destroyed in 33 thousand years B.L. But this made the Draconian Alliance very angry, and by sending a huge army of reptoids , on Roida, they created a very deadly Siege for I-Land in 31 thousand years B.L. . I-Land asked the help of the Pleiadian army, but by the time the Pleiadian army arrived on Roida, I-Land was already destroyed. Not by the Draconian Army, but a self-destructive holocaust by I-land itself, in order not to fall in the hands of the reptoids. 
These wars and destructions were also nuclear, and the outer biosphere of Roida remained contaminated for the next 22 thousand years. The Pleiadian army after saving a few survivors, had to go back, as the Draconian Alliance army was overwhelmingly more numerous. This was the Oblivion of civlization on Roida. 
From 31,000 B.L. to 7,000 B.L. the Orion reptoids visited many times Roida and subjected the primitive remainders to genetic manipulation, by de-activating 10 strands of their 12-strand DNA, and leaving only 2 active strands mainly affecting the sex and survival. In addition they added some of their own DNA. The reptoids from Orion created also planetary scale floods to eliminate all other survivors except the ones that had re-engineered genetically. Later in 9,000 B.L. the Nim's also visited Roida did their own genetic manipulation by adding their DNA, and also salinated all oceans on the planet, so as to force the primitives to go to known rivers and lakes and be able to control them easier for genetic manipulation. 
Till 80 B.L. the civilization in Roida developed, and even discovered nuclear power, but not yet aliens. They used in an extensive and very complicated way economics and finance, within their civilization in a way not observed to any other known planetary civilization in the galaxy. In addition they were aware of immortals in their population and there was a planetary council of 24 immortals of Roida that were honored and consulted by the mortals of Roida. 
Because of their genetic manipulation, they were more wicked than the predecessors of I-Land, susceptible to lies, hypocrisy, sexism, but also severe perseverance in their goals. 
Mean while before 12,000 B.L. the Orion reptoids moved the dead planet Mem from its orbit between Ar and Zef, to Ursa Minor, they made it an artificial vehicle and Trojan Horse, full of underground installations and military bases, and brought it back to orbit, but this time as companion planet rotating around Roida, about in 12,000 B.L. for purposes of control and monitor of Roida. 
In addition they had many underground military based in Roida, and one on the dead planet Ar, making in total a very hostile and hidden siege for the emerging and unsuspecting civilization of Roida. Even the wrongly designed monetary system of Roida, was an achievement of hidden manipulation by the Draconian Alliance. 
The Human Alliance became aware of all these tricks by the Draconian Alliance against the emerging civilization of Roida, and brought a numerous army in the solar system of Som, army with forces from the 1st micro-resolution reality till the 7th micro-resolution reality. While the army of the Draconian Alliance was from the 1st micro-resolution reality till the 3rd micro-resolution reality. War started between 100 B.L til 60 B.L and the victory belongs to the Human Alliance. All underground bases in Roida of the Draconian Alliance , on Ar and in Mem were destroyed, with Sonic cannons. 
Meanwhile as we said Alteh was born in 60 B.L. in Roida, had the name Ho, and studied mathematics. In 42 B.L Ho is lifted in the star-ships of the Human Alliance where he meets his soul-friend Allen. After proving to Ho, with technology that brings on screen the hidden traces in the human body cells, of memories of the soul from past lifes, where e.g.  Ho was Alteh a friend of Allen in his previous life on the planet Ble, a close new friendship of Allen and Ho starts.
Ho has to be re-educated about more true scientific truths and laws, compared to those he knew from the sciences in Roida. E.g. Ho in the beginning argues that 1) All life in Roida was created from zero from the mineral kingdom with natural evolution and natural selection, 2) Homo-sapiens came about 6 million years ago from the primates and monkeys 3) That planet Roida is full inside with magma and not hollow, 4) That all stars were created by a Big-Bang 5) That the law of increasing entropy is a universal law 6) that there are no 2nd or finer micro-resolution realities, nothing but vacuum beyond the 1st micro-resolution reality, 7) that all the historic floods were the work of God, 8) that it is impossible for humans to move whole planets, and 9) that the dead planet Mem is not an artificial vehicle. 
Day by day argument by argument, Ho has to forget his assumed correct knowledge about these 9 points and learn the facts closer to the truth as Allen was reporting them to  him. 
When Ho was returning back to his home on Roida, realized that he could not speak about his new revelations and truths, to other people in Roida, without putting himself in to very difficult position. So he wrote a science fiction book, in which he incorporates his new scientific insights. Ho is getting married happily but he chooses not to make children. In addition with his better than normal knowledge of economics of his planet, and his artistic talent too, he eventually gets rich and he is as close to happiness as an awakened human can be in a civilization like Roida's. The heroic life of Ho after his revelations, is an example of how spiritual awakening and personal development  can improve the fate of a human being even in a difficult with so complex diversification, civilization as the of Roida.
After the war victory of the Human Alliance over the Draconian Alliance in the solar system of Roida, the Human Alliance moves away the dead planet and Trojan Horse Mem from orbit around Roida, back to its old orbit between Ar and Zef, while it brings in orbit around Roida, a smaller planet, satellite of Zef, which nevertheless is alive with a shining inner sun, and covered entirely with an ocean (of drinkable water) full of living creatures fishes, dolphins etc.
It took 10 years to accomplished it slowly without any floods on Roida from inertial forces due to orbit changes. But the result was worth the effort, and now in the sky of Roida, was a beautiful blue celestial body, with ever changing cloud formations. 
This was obviously revealing for all the population of Roida, which in this way become aware of other galactic civilizations, learned about the true origins of Homo-Sapiens, and learned about the Draconians, the hostile siege, and the war in their solar system. As the Draconian Alliance had inherited with its manipulations a self-destructive path to the human civilization of Roida, many changes had to be made, to restore the sustainability of the civilization, and planetary life.
All the sciences of Roida took a powerful new momentum of faster evolution, and Ho was awarded with the planetary prize of literature for his science fiction novel that somehow predicted many of the new scientific discoveries. 

In the next it is described in the novel the gradual evolution of the civilization of Roida. 

To put it a concise table of 4-milestones for the individual and 4 complementary milestones for the civilization from 0 A.L. to 2000 is the correspondence 

4-Milestones in the 
1) Higher quality of metaphysical and inner existential consciousness (has as a result higher frequency of the 1st mRR human body)
2) Vegetarian nutrition
3) Opening of the Aether vision
4) Full telepathic communication visual language 

Complementary 4-milestones in the 
1) Communication and Participation in the Human Galactic Alliance
2) Re-normalization of economy/private sector/ and public governance
3) Scientific knowledge of the 2nd mRR
4) Elimination of the private property and money.

The monetary system is corrected. The economic system is corrected, in the next 3 centuries. The science of Roida discovers the existence of the 2nd micro-resolution reality and corrects and enhances the equations of electromagnetism and gravitation. Oil is no longer used as energy, but it is substituted by solar energy stored in the gravitational field, or simply heat of the 2nd micro-resolution reality. Soon the civilization of Roida discovers the aether-helicopters or flying discs and now it can travel to the other solar systems around its solar system of SOM. Overpopulation is finally controlled, people learn to avoid meat in their nutrition model, and finally the ecological destruction of the planet stops. These are developments from 0 B.L to 400 A.L (=after Lift-up). The aether vision with naked eyes opens for most of the humans on Roida, and they become in a natural way telepathic. But the telepathy before 500 A.L. is simply an inner version of the many speaking sound-base languages. The private property is finally abandoned only about 1200 A.L. And by 2000 A.L. the civilization has already acquired a planetary intuitive visual voiceless telepathic language and very high frequency in the 1st micro-resolution reality human bodies. 
The finale of the novels is the metamorphosis in 2,000 A.L. of Roida, from a 1st micro-resolution reality to a 2nd micro-resolution reality living planetary biosphere This event is instantaneous and of cosmic evolution origin (something to happen in all galaxies too) , once the frequency of the planet in 1st micro-resolution reality becomes high enough. All plants and animals and humans are metamorphosed to 2nd or 3rd micro-resolution reality bodies, translucent and of 80% less weight. The humans in 3rd micro-resolution reality do not have to eat by killing other living creatures as they take all the energy they need from the sun. In their new bodies humans live now in the average between 6,000 to 10,000 years (as measured in the old 1st micro-resolution reality). During the next 2000 years that is till 4,000 years A.L. the civilization in Roida has deployed to 2nd, 3rd , 4th and 5th micro-resolution reality. Eventually in all galaxies all life with consciousness  shifts from the 1st micro-resolution reality to the 2nd or higher micro-resolution reality.

Meta-capitalism the electronic voting economic system and debt-crisis.

"Markets are just a voting system to decide prices"  Warren Bufett

The next ideas could be as well be described in a novel of not scientific fiction but rather economic fiction.
They can as well be considered a philosophy or vision for an  alternative economic system where the old money are substituted with the electronic vote-money.
Contents of the post:

The current post is devoted to the design principles of a monetary system which would not suffer from over-debt. Such a monetray system should have two properties

1) Only the public state has the privilige to issue new currency (Ministry of Economics). No private for-profit organization can have such a privilige.
(This guarantees that the public sector will never be in over-debt)

2) The newlly issued currency each year, is circulated in society with less than 20% through debt and more than 80% through other non-debt channels of flow.
(This guarantees that the rest of the society will never be in over-debt)

As one of the best example of such a monetray system is the Gradido, 
(see ) in which the ammount of money in circulation is constant!

The Gradido monetary system, besides the properties 1) and 2) above that make it a non-overdebt monetary system, has also four additional properties, which make it socialistic, egalitarian and ecological.

3) It creates a free basic standard of living for every body.
4) It stimulates, monthly, a basic finacial equality among the citizens. 
5) It is very simplified egalitarian and efficient as far as taxes are concerned
6) It budgets directly for the ecology and environmental protection , and it is in fact based on the wisdom of nature

The rules of the Gradido are very simple

1) Each month the public state issues for each citizen , 3 amounts of money (A,A,A)
(let us say A=1,000 gradido, or in general an amount that allows for a free decent life in normal standards of living). The first A, goes for the living needs of the citizen, the second A, goes to the state as if a tax, and the third for the ecology and the environment.
2) As all natural resources , so the gradido currency too, and in order to avoid, inflation, due to the monthly issuing of currency, the currency loses in an obligatory way 50% of its value, annually (of about 5% monthly or 0.2% daily)

In this monetary system, the amount of circulating currency is in the average constant (assuming no diffusion outside the domestic economy) and if all monthly cash was saved each person would accumulate on the average about 20,000 gradidos. This amount is essentially depended on the size of the population and the standards of living. Variations where it can depend on the volume of produced goods and services in the society is discussed below. The reader is invited to download and study the book of gradido here

A very similar or almost identical monetary system had been applied in the previous century crisis, in 1932, in the Austrian town of Worgl. It had great success, unemployment almost disappeared, and the town from severe crisis, passed to prosperity. Unfortunately as it was very early at that time and all currency had to be backed up with gold, the Central Bank of Austria forced the town to stop using their currency. 
See e.g,

Further remarks and speculations about new electronic currencies.

Under the term VOTE-MONEY we mean , a currency with the properties

1) Only the public state has the privilige to issue new currency (Ministry of Economics). No private for-profit organization can have such a privilige.
(This guarantees that the public sector will never be in over-debt)

2) The newlly issued currency each year, is circulated in society with less than 20% through debt and more than 80% through other non-debt channels of flow.
(This guarantees that the rest of the society will never be in over-debt)

3) It is issued periodically at the start of each short period and it loses its value abruptly after the end of an equal or larger period. (. E.g. it is issued monthly and it loses it value at the end of the year, or after the end of 5 years. This gives it the function that leads to call it vote-money. Buying something is like voting it among other products)

4) It creates a free basic standard of living for every citizen.
(This means that there is a rule that gives e.g. monthly, at least a minimum amount of it as subsidy to every citizen)

5) Part of the issued currency at every period is, under a rule, reserved for the environment and the external interactions of the domestic economy with the economies of the rest of the world. (e.g. like the gradido's third amount A, that goes for the ecology and the rest of the world)

Unlike Gradido a vote-currency is issued periodically, and distributed without debt to the citizens acording to some rules, and it expires abruptly and the end of a period. (E.g. it is issued annually at the start of the year, and expires at the end of the year. This means it has no value at all after the end of the year.) 

Because of its resemblance to votes in decision making and their expiration after the decision, it is called vote-money.

"Markets are just a voting system to decide prices" Warren Bufett

VOTE-MONEY may define different electronic currency monetary systems, according to their further rules. Different types of VOTE-MONEY may have different rules about

1) Distributing the monthly issued currency equally or unequally according to some formulae among , households, enterprises, and the public state.

2) Having an inherent taxing rule (like gradido) or using the usual taxing-systems.

3) Depending the total amount of currency in circulation on the population size only, and basic standards of living (like gradido) , or/and on the volume of produced services and goods (GDP) or/and on the total wealth (including fixed assets) of all the society

4) Dealing with explicit or not rules with the diffusion of the currency outside the domestic economy. (e.g. 70% of the dollar currency is now at non-American hands, Arabs, Chinese etc. And officially 20% or more of the euro currency is outside the euro-zone. In the current monetary systems this is compensated with inflating the currency. But in a vote-money monetary system, it can be dealt with a fixed explicit rule of reserving a percentage of the monthly issued currency for all transaction with outside economies, imports and exports. In this way it will put an upper bound to the externally exchanged wealth as percentage of the inner wealth of the economy. )

5) Being exclusive currency for a domestic economy or being in percentage at each price , over a traditional currency. 

Before we proceed to the details we state here some philosophical-sociological-economic ideas on which the next rules are based.

1)    The economic structure is essentially a power structure from human to humans rather than from humans to the physical reality. Money (as well as votes) can be defined as a technology of exercising of power from human beings to human beings and objects.

2)     In a distant future development of individuals and society, there would be no need of power structures, besides the individual and the society as a whole. Neither it would be necessary to utilize money at all. But this is not applicable in a current state of evolution, where many individuals have strong desire and will to apply power over other people (or have other people apply power to them). If in the current state of evolution an economic system would allow only the power of the individual and the public state, without any intermediate private sector, it would occur, totalitarian and tyrannical phenomena  similar to those in the communistic Soviet Union and China.

3)     It is therefore almost unavoidable that intermediate power structures (“private sector”) must keep the balance to avoid tyranny. The organization units of this intermediate structure are shaped because of a) the individuals strong desire of power over other people b) through the “free market” game of “private property” and c) after the social law of universal attraction, that leads to a Pareto distribution of  volumes of power.

4)     In the current system to regulate this “private sector” power structure can be done through two tools a) money b) voting. (Both are "technologies of transfer and propagation of rights of power from humans over other humans and objects", which create power structures. But the voting tool is a bit more advanced, it is used mainly by the public sector, as it involves principles, expression, etc versus mainly only action that money involves).

5)     In a future more advanced evolution the regulation and creation of "private sector" power structures, can be done entirely through the tool of voting, while money may have been entirely eliminated.

6)     A “private sector” with intense power (economic) inequalities creates unhappiness, crimes, and violence. Any improvement from the current state to more evolved would involve lessening the power (or economic) inequalities.

A. Morality renormalization at the scale of the individual and the household.
1) Money is essentially destined to be exchanged with objects mainly, not so much with abstract intangible services, or other abstract values as "value of an enterprise" or "value of the whole of the community" etc. The more advanced the community , the more it will refrain from buying even human labor, as it is nothing else than soft-slavery. The human soul is involved in the human labor, and human existence in personal time. The abstract-use of money occurs not at the scale of household, but at the scale of enterprise (surplus wealth=capital=operational power, buy an enterprise) , domestic economy (buy.....a nation), and global economy (buy....the planet). The more advanced and uniform the community the less the use of money, the more the demonetisation. The abstract power of money (from the enterprise and above,surplus wealth=capital=operational power) may be substituted with the political power of voting. The more advanced the community, the more the economic interplay is shifted from win-lose or lose-win, to win-win or lose-lose. The more advanced the community, the less the financial differences.

2) There is a minimum household wealth that everyone has the right from birth till death. And there is a maximum household  wealth (which is also protected from any 
bankruptcy) . Any surplus wealth above the maximum household wealth, can be used for enterprises and business but not for the private household. Surplus wealth is  a weaker form of ownership compared to household wealth.

B. Monetary system macroeconomic renormalization

3) If the community or federation of communities is to issue  their own currency, then no private group can have this privilege other than the collective of the communities. There must be an reasonable frequent inventory of the objects of coins and paper-money, (not financial value) so that each time the communities "print" new money, to replenish from the diffusion to external social environment or for other reason (increase of the population of the community etc) ,  only a limited percentage of it can be lent (e.g. <20%). The newly "printed" money is to circulate mainly  through investments, subsidies, payments etc. The above rules garantee that the currency will not be led to non-solvent over-debt by printing and lending 100% of the printed money by any private subgroup. The currency is issued by the community with the following rules: For each person it is printed every month 3 equal amounts of currency (A,A,A) e.g. if A=1,000, then  1,000+1,000+1,000=3,000. The first 1,000 it is for the unconditional monthly income for the person, the second 1,000 for the community, and the 3rd 1,000 for the environment and the rest of the world. Each year the currency loses 50% of its value ( about 5% monthly or 0.2% daily). We call this rule the gradido rule. The quantity A, can be defined by the formula  A=(a*W)/(3*20*P)  where W is the total wealth as assets of the public state, in current prices, a is the percentage of the assets that should be in money (liquity), e.g.a=20%-33%, and P is the total number of individuals in the society. The coeficient 20 , is set , as if all money are saved simple mathematics prove that with 50% annual decrease of the value of money, the accumulated money per individual is 20*A.  And the coefficient 3 is set, as money are issued in three amounts of A. The coefficient a and its adjustments, may be the object of political decisions.

3.1) There is a minimum size and a maximum size for a community that issues its own currency. The main reason is so as to avoid a big size difference from the wealth of each individual and the common wealth of the community, so as to avoid phenomena of totalitarianism as those in the ex Soviet Union.  
This is also in accordance with the wisdom of the ancient Greek civilization, that considered cities not larger than a maximum size, as a basic feature of rational, balanced ensouled, and democratic civilization as contrasted to monstrous size cities, kingdoms, and steep Pareto distributions of wealth distribution that eventually create crime and violence. 

4) No classical banking business based on fractional reserve rules, is to occur with the currency of the communities. The only "banking business" intended (called here safe-keepers) is the historic initial role of the banks, in other words , individuals or groups may give their valuables and money, for safe keeping, and for this they must pay the safe-keepers reasonable fees. The safe-keepers do not have the right to lend any of the valuables that are deposited to them. The absence of the greedy banking  fractional reserve rule eliminates the classical instabilities of the financial system. As enterprises issue public-co-ownership (shares) and public-borrowing (bonds) the role of banks for public lending of enterprises is reduntant. 
The lending compared to investments is kept low (e.g. lending=0.25*investments) and it is always with zero interest rate. This guarantees that money circulates perpetually compatible with a sustainable permaculture, and not exponentially which is incompatible with natural recourses long term behaviour.   

C. Enterprise, microeconomic renormalization.

5) Enterprises in the communities may be shaped, but to avoid the classical psychological and financial alienation, the shareholders mainly are the employees of the enterprise, External share-owners may exist up to e.g. 20% of the equity, and have less rights compared to internal shareholders.

Even better if all enterprises are non-profit type of enterprises.

The liabilities of the enterprises are limited always to less than 25%.  The liabilities plus the external owners cannot be in total more than the 33% of the assets.

5.1) Enterprises are of 3 sizes. Small, Medium and Large.

For medium and large size enterprises, in order to avoid decisional domination of a small group of shareholders to the rest, a quantitative rule, prohibits of individuals having significantly larger percentages from the rest of the shareholders.  The above rules make sure that the legal owners of an enterprise are also the real financial owners of it, so alienation is avoided. For the medium and large size enterprise to function in a democratic way (like democratic state rather than a totalitarian oligarchic state) the decision of a manager to take a position must be a double confidence election : Both from the higher rank managers, and from the lower rank employees. 

For medium and large size enterprises, the decisions to elect a board is not taken through voting  only by the owners, but through voting with appropriate weights of all the stakeholders (much as is done the voting and elections in Universities) In other words, the owners, the employees, appropriate samples of suppliers, and customers, and agents of the public state vote too. 

If a medium size enterprise grows to a large size enterprise, then automatically,  shares from the private owners (prefered of week ownership not strong ownership, see 2)) are transferred to the public state, as a type of donation, so that the public state owns at least 51% of he shares.

5.2) The totall accumulative assets of the private sector, P, cannot become larger than m-times the total assest of the public state. Or converselly the public state cannot become less than a particular size compared to the private sector.

5.3) The enterprises have also the right to issue currency as the public state has. (Actually a public state service, does so for the enterprise). In this way they do not have borrow from the state, or individuals, and so the private sector is  in equal setting as the public sector. If A is the amount that the public state issues currency for each person in 3 amounts (A,A,A) , then the enterprise also issues every month for each person of the enterprise (employees, owners etc) three amounts (B,B,B) to be used respectively as 1) persons salary, b) enterprise needs c) the environment and the rest of the world. The formula for B is as the formula for A, in other words B=(a*We)/(3*20*Pe), where We is the total assets of the enterprise, a is the percentage of assets as cash, and Pe is the total number of employees,  owners etc of the enterprise.  All enterprises utilize the same coefficient a. This currency too which is identical with the currency issued by the public state, loses its value by 50% every year so that we have asymptotically stable amount of currency and no creeping inflation. With the above rule the amount of money depends both on the population size and the volume of good and services produced in the society, so it is a mixed monetary system.

These rules are intended to a) give sufficient liquidity of money to the enterprises so that they do not resort to borrowing, b) decrease the economic inequalities c) make sure that no  private sector enterprise becomes stronger than the public state.

D. Stock exchanges and "free market"  macroeconoic renormalization.

6) Stock-Exchange phenomena may occur between enterprises, but as the historic term signifies, they are for the purpose of creating stable portfolios of business for each enterprise. (exchange of inventories)

To protect this original intention the next rule applies: Each share (security) is bought or sold only at the fixed accounting value. This value never changes or fluctuates, Thus any one buying shares cannot lose , only not gain(he will buy them and a price and will sell them at the same prices). What is expected to gain is the dividend from the operational profits of the business. The above rules make sure that enterprises are open up to some degree to the public, but at the same time there is no risky game that makes the majority losers and a very small minority winners. 

E. Cross currencies exchange rates global renormalization.

7) If different communities issue different currencies within a federation , their relative cross exchange rates is always equal to 1. This rule avoids  unfair abrupt devaluations or overvaluations simply from a minor demand supply interplay, to the currencies of whole communities.

Final remark: The previous rules of renormalization, restrictive as may be, will have the effect to eliminate over-debt, economic bubbles, and instability. But they will not eliminate the economic inequalities, as this is the result of a) The "hunger" from people to have power and dominate other people, b)The existence of the game of private property c) a "free market" even restrictive as it is set-up as above. 

To set an example of a chorological estimation for the required time in global planetary evolution relevant not only to economics but also to all the principles and values in this Blog here is an example that covers all of the Aquarius Age of 2,000 years from 2,000 till 4,000 A.D.

(The timing and evolution ideas are inspired by the visionary book by Paul Amadeus Dienach with title "The valley of the roses")

2000-2300 A.D
. Gradual resolution of the problems of overpopulation, ecological destruction, CO2 emissions and climate change, nutrition, tyranny brutal or subtle  and local wars. Through a new nobel prize in physics, the physical science discovers the equations of the unified aether-field (unification of electromagnetism, static gravitation, aethorodynamics or antigravity). It become also more clear that most of the energy of the gravitational field comes from the infrared  solar radiation.  In this way the old energy model with the CO2 emissions is substituted with a new from clean and cheap ubiquitous renewable energy.  Not only science can photograph now the aether , but also a large number of people have sufficient high frequency in their physical bodies, that can "switch to aether vision" with their naked physical eyes. The economic systems is gradually renormalized to more human, wise and really better intentions and implementations. People  gradually get free from the hastily race and slavery for financial survival, which does not leave time and energy for inner and spiritual self-development. The challenge here for the earthly civilization, is resolve the above difficulties as fast and as smooth as possible, avoiding a great scale war and disaster during 2000-2400 A.D.



The extinct  "tyrannosaurs"  here are 

1) The banking system with the fractional reserve rule and the monetary system as we know it

2) The uncontrollable child mortality

3) The old energy model with the CO2 emissions

4) The irresponsible destruction of the physical environment. 



2300-2400 A.D. Final establishment of a Global Planetary Government which is elected by direct voting from all Nations and its members are not politicians of businessmen , but scientists, engineers and technocrats and humanitarian philanthropists. The money, the banking system , the enterprises, the stock exchanges and the monetary system as we know it do not exist anymore. Nevertheless a kind if vote-money is used and the private sector and National Governments are kept as a counter balance of the power of the Global Government so as not have totalitarian phenomena like than in the old Soviet Union. The private property in a limited way, still exists, the planetary resources are re-distributed, a minimal basic standard of living is established for free for all people. The publicly known and open contact and affiliations with other galactic or extra-galactic civilizations is in a common public awareness and subject to democratic voting. 


The extinct  "tyrannosaurs"  here are 

1) The dominance of the businessmen and politicians as the leading approach for the global planetary welfare. 

2) The pretented planetary isolation from the rest of the galactic civilizations

3) That any type of conflict or big change in the civilizations should be always only through a war.


2400-2600 A.D The great challenge here for the earthly civilization from 2400 to 2600 A.D. is to avoid a global  totalitarian system similar or softer to the case of the old Soviet Union, or even worse a global tyranny e.g. through a crypto-piracy over the Global Government from evil powers. At the end of 2600 A.C. the private sectors and the national governments are almost of no importance anymore, people have acquired a planetary  consciousness  and the functions of the elected Global Government by direct voting, are increased, without the overall power structure  being a totalitarian system. The transportation inside and around  the planet, takes place  mainly through aether propulsion , and flying discs.

The extinct  "tyrannosaurs"  here are 

1) The dominance of the private sector in social life

2) The dominance of any one only  national state as leader for the planetary welfare

2600-3400 A.D.  Although economic inequalities are almost non-existent there are still inequalities on the used level of technology. A large number of people have become telepathic in a natural way. Science has an unprecedented evolution. New truths are discovered about the interior of the earth, and its history going back  millions and billions of years. The gaseous internal sun of the planet is discovered , and the large cavities from vegetation and animals of larger size than he corresponding of the surface of the planet. The first few cities in the interior of the earth are built. The medical science makes use less and less of drugs and pharmaceuticals and more and more of sound, color, light and meditation.  The people are still in spiritually weak and sluggish and continue to count the success of their life with the utilization of material possessions and technology. 

The extinct  "tyrannosaurs"  here are 

1) The "survival-race monster" in the life of the individual

2) The  "money standing" as the main factor and persuit in the individual's life



3400-4,000 A.D. The individuals acquire and develop  an unprecedented powerful spiritual ability that could be called Hyper-vision or Hyper-Intuition , that allows them the contact with the “Major spiritual light”, and “The Direct Knowledge” and gives them an stunning ability for powerful intentional clarity and creativity. A new Golden Age of the Civilization. Some of the  members of the Global Government are not anymore scientists or engineers but  Universal Creators”. In other words the synthesis in the same person of the talents and qualities of a Philosopher , Scientist, Artist, Mystic etc. During these centuries for the first time are created universal languages with alphabets that are 3-dimentional inner-vision-images, that are projected telepathically from mind to mind without external sound, writing, or internet. Science has by now discovered the inactivated and dormant DNA in the cell , it has being activated and restored, and the human DNA has now many more than two only strands, as it was initially. All in the society, not only the basics, are free, cloths, food, house, transportation, entertainment, scientific research, art-creativity, there is no  private property, the people are essentially vegetarian in nutrition habits , there is no animal slavery or zoos   etc. The science has now a glimpse of new transportation principles, that of "field gates" , that tranascend the flying discs technology. Especially as earthly people are informed about this transportation method by more advanced galactic civilizations. But although earthly science starts to have concepts about  it, they are far behind so as to apply it universally.   Those future people would seem naive to us, very sensitive , non-pretentious and without cunning ulterior motives in their relations while at the same time of elevated awareness. It is not possible to lie now to another man without being sensed. There are no material inequalities in the civilization. The only inequalities are of reputation,  honour, and public appraisal. People work not more than the current equivalent of two years in their entire life, and do not count their life long  success with material possessions but with the inner and outer spiritual self-development. Needless to say that the duration of the human life is remarkably longer, in an  undreamed way, compared to the duration of human life during e.g. the century 2000-2100 AD. 



The extinct  "tyrannosaurs"  here are 

1) The human intellectual inadequacy in the individuals life

2) The  indulgence to private interests, versus collective interests

3)  The "monster" of animal slavery and the opression  from humans to animals.


Of  course the above is simple an example of global time evolution. Personal or small groups time evolution may be different. The human history is full of examples of famous spiritual personalities like Pythagoras, Plato, Newton etc that although where in the present in their contemporary civilization, their spirits were far in the future . 



Contemporary Medea

Ancient Medea was, a witch of the sun in Minor Asia, and the wife of the Hero Jason.  Jason traveled  with Hercules and the best heroes, of that time, in Minor Asia to take the "Golden Skin" a symbolic treasure. Jason had children with Medea in Minor Asia. Medea became famous in the mythology, as the mother and mistress that  was slaughtering  her own kids from her hate to Jason that abandoned her, to the way home. This novel is about contemporary women that in a  subtler way  act like Medea.

The contemporary story is about a young woman of the eighties called Silda. She is a  Mediterranean woman figure, sufficient sophisticated and  a fanatic communist of a fanatic communist family which nevertheless is a high society family of the military class. She is in love with a young man called Peter, slightly younger than her, of the opposite political orientation and from middle class family.  She has a wicked married girl-friend that is  usually  the source of all bad influence on her. Silda knows that her boy -friend Peter is thinking to separate from her, but he is somehow indecisive. She is sleeping with an other man called Jack. She is afraid that she might get pregnant from that one-night sex.  She rushes to force Peter to make love with her in days that she really may get pregnant , by lying to him about the days. She gets pregnant indeed, and she does not know whose the child is. Silda is afraid to talk about it to anyone, even to think that she might not got pregnant from Peter. Both Silda and Peter  are University students. Silda presses Peter to marry her. He refuses, suggesting to postpone children and marriage until  they have finished their studies, and get secure jobs and adequate finances. In addition Peter feels that living with Silda and her family (parents) is quite close to emotional tyranny, and wants to avoid it. Silda declares determined to keep the child and she does so. Peter submits to her demands and marries Silda. But the troubles that already they had, as a couple before, and the decision of Silda to stay with her fanatic communist family, no matter what, leads them in to separation, just the very first weeks. From this point the troubles of Peter get even worse. The child is born. It is a girl and is called Lia. The dates of pregnancy and birth almost prove that it cannot be the child of Peter, but this is carefully hidden, by Silda to everybody, and from Peter that suspect nothing. There was not any DNA test at that time, neither anybody would suspect anything. Silda reacts to the denial of Peter to submit to her cunning plots with a cruel and maniac way. She forbids Peter to see the baby. She presents an extravagant story to her family and social environment of her being such a victim of an irresponsible and stingy man like Peter. Silda openly declares to Peter that he is going to  find the hell with her, now that she realizes that Peter is emotionally sensitive to the baby. Silda does not give divorce to Peter, until she shall find a new husband. Silda gets involved with various men, one after the other, until she is engaged with a new lover called  Anyang. Silda does not give divorce to Peter. When, finally, while Silda is already divorced and married again with Anyang, the court of justice decides in favor of a communication of the Lia and the (thought as father  by anybody, including the law) Peter. Silda has succeeded with the financial and social help of her parents, the seemingly impossible: She has a child were at least three fathers are involved. The genetic, Jack,  that only Silda  knows about it, Peter that is father according to the law, and is suffering from the whole story, and a new man , Anyang to grow up her child Lia and support her. Feminine egotism, and fear leads her to fail the honor of being a mother and a wife and became this that no-one wants. But this is not really noticed because of her lies. She is even afraid to think about what she has done. After all, she does not know herself who is the genetic father, and she prefers to think and make everybody think, that it is Peter. Nevertheless as she is afraid of the possibility that Peter may not really be the genetic father, she prefers, as a subconscious way out , to exile him with all her powers from her life. Silda wishes Peter to be dead.  From that point on her similarities with the ancient Medea increase. What would Silda ever be able to explain to her daughter Lia? That the genetic father is some one that she has never seen (Jack), that on the papers according to the law is someone else (Peter) and in every day life even another (Anyang)? She makes her child Lia  believe that her father is her new husband Anyang, while she succeeds in making the child almost ill, each time it was to see her "father",  Peter. She plans to explain to her daughter, when she shall be a grown up girl, that her real father is that one in the legal papers, Peter, but that he was a very bad and irresponsible man, from whom she saved her. She understands that when Lia shall grow up she might want to meet Peter, but she already knows, that it shall be too late for Peter or Jack  to  really be a father at all for her daughter Lia . So her plans shall be successful after all, no matter what. Silda would have succeed nothing by her own , if she was to be alone. All that she succeeded, was with the blind or even encouraging help of their parents, that  were ready to pay for everything, and which made them even more irresponsible than Silda. After all, that Silda was a fanatic Communist, was something that had taken from her parents. Silda also resorts to masonry to take power on what she desires, and some how seems not unsuccessful. What is she hoping? To coin her precious mystery in masonry,  that fatherhood and motherhood are not equal in honor and that they can be bought and sold with money? As far as the true genetic father Jack is concerned, he is never to know about it! Neither her daughter of course. But she does not want to feel guilty, as she does not really know who the genetic father is. She does not realize how she slips in    subtle crimes like a real  real Medea attitude. She has so much accused Peter of being so irresponsible and she fails to realize how much irresponsible, she is herself, like this  as a mother. She thinks that time, money, cloths and food is all she needs to prove herself a good mother. She hates Peter that she abandoned her, she hates also subconsciously her daughter  Lia as Medea did with Jason's children. But she does not really understands it. Peter understanding  that the child gets an almost nervous shock each time, he is to go and take it with him, she abandons finally his attempts to play the role of  father to Lia. It is already almost 7 years that he has been trying. He thinks that after some time Silda shall bring her daughter Lia to him by her own will. He was wrong! 20 years passed and this never happened! Meanwhile as the years passed he started to figure out  gradually, what really might haven the true reason. He gradually realized that her hatred was not really especially for him, but was a general political hate for the world as Silda knows it. A hate, much like the communist propaganda to the rest of the world. Silda had made her own personal Soviet-Union , that was her family! This and the fact that  Silda never appeared with her daughter Lia again, tend to prove to him that this was the case. Peter  escapes in an endless sequence of love affairs with other women, or multiple love fairs with many women, so as to discover his lost completeness. He notices, the Silda is doubling the role of a father , for her feminine egotism and destroyng the parental equality. He gets his comfort in thinking that after all a child can have not less than four of mothers: The genetic, a second who carries in her womb the embryo, a third that is growing it up, and still an other fourth according to the papers and the law! To counter act the "Ibsen" triangle: a woman and two men, he starts and an endless sequence of opposite triangles: a man and two women.  His story is mixed with adventures in cultural creativity and the dominating ideas of the time. With this ends the first part of the novel. In the second part the story goes like this The second marriage of Silda was not successful. It was after all a fast solution to save her at difficult times.  Her second husband Anyang sooner or later  discovered that although he was much favored by her, in all matters, what she did to Peter, was not really in favor for any  man, or any  father. He never really dared to make a child with Silda, and after some years he divorced her and married another woman called Reptuna. Silda left alone, with her daughter Lia , was suddenly found in a difficult position, especially as she felt the demand of  Lia to meet and get to know, the man that on the papers was mentioned as her father, namely Peter. Meanwhile  Peter, who is not young anymore, having realized the fake of the situation, is not anymore in an endless adventure with women. Finally Peter meets a nice woman called Marilee in a foreign country, that he marries and has children with her. With this ends the second part of the novel. In the third part, the story follows the meeting of  Peter and the girl Lia  that although is written in the papers as his daughter, is not really, and he is not her genetic father. He tries to deal with this in a completely different way than the  bias and lies of the Lia's mother, Silda , that defined her as a contemporary Medea. It is not easy though as he needs  totally new concepts and feelings for this. The DNA test verifies his suspicions. As both Peter and Lia are victims of this  contemporary Medea, they have  long  discussions to deal with it. They press Silda who finally reveals to Lia that her genetic father must be Jack. Meanwhile Jack has married Chrysa and has already a family with children with her. When Lia and Jack meet , and Lia presents to him her inquiries about her genetic father, Jack fearing that this would destroy his new family, and in addition not believing to the story at all, refuses to take the DNA test, declaring to Lia, that she already knows her father who is Peter, and this all is a fake story of Silda to heart Peter. Nevertheless he does take the DNA test, without telling anybody about it, and he is shocked to discover that he is indeed the genetic father of Lia. Jack having listened to  the story of Peter realizes that there were even worse positions to his situation and he decides finally to  reveal to Lia the results of the DNA test that prove him her father. The court cancels Peter as father of Lia, and as Lia, Jack and Peter agree, it declares Jack father of Lia,  according to the law.  Jack feels all kinds of repelling emotions for the choices of Silda. Although all protagonists in this story (except Silda) , tried to correct the mistakes of this contemporary Medea, there were a lot of crimes , visible in the life of Peter, Lia, Jack, etc created  by Silda, that could not be changed , as they could not reverse time.

 The scenes of the story are presented within  the social and cultural events of the times and with the dominating emotional "climate" of the cold war of the eighties. Demoralization of west societies life-styles and   blind political hatred of soviet type  ideologies, to  anything in the world,  are mixed.  When they are personalized they became  a self-destructive family "moral"  which result to new types of Medea attitudes of a modern woman for her child. The emergence of women's new methods to "kill softly" start to extend from their mates to their choices about the fate of their children. The drama of the protagonists, or comedy for the reader, cannot be transcended for the reader simply by any traditional ways of polar opposites. Good luck for tragedy, or happiness for unhappiness, or joy and cheerfulness for heavy sentimentalism and sadness, or forgive for hate and revenge, cannot be the simple medicine here. The author tries to describe the story both in the traditional emotional reactions, but also to show what are the new ways out, if any, that society itself creates. The figure of the child, Lia,  as it grows up, is a new dimension. As Lia is  influence by society rather than her "family" Silda and Anyang,  this gives hints for the new ways out. The older family values collapse  in the new ways of societies. It is required new definitions of what a family can be and what are the values that are worth in it.


 This novel  which is of financial an social fiction is the  story of a young mathematician, computer engineer, and economist that he discovers a new scientific synthesis, which combines macroeconomics, meteorology, mathematics, computers, astronomy, psychology  and ecology. He becomes wealthy  by making his own  system that involves global-climate ecological perspectives , econometric equations  and software tools  to trade the markets and especially the interbank market of foreign exchange currencies (Forex).  The classical business cycles theories of economist like Kitchin (5.5 years cycle), sunspots 11.1 years cycle, Kuznets (Nobel prize winner) 22.2 years cycle, and Kontradief (66 years cycle) combine in his approach to 12 cycles from 66 years to 5 minutes. He corresponds to each cycle a color and calls it eternal laws of chance colors.  

His final method of getting financially wealthy is best suited for him. In other words


1) He does not use more than 15 minutes per day for this purpose.

2) He does not use initial capital, except of say 1 weeks expenses money.

3) All his practice is absolutely legal and desirable by the global economic system.

4) He is using the internet, so it is not restricted to any particular society, or country with over-debt crises, good or bad economy.

5) It is independent from any global economic crisis, in fact if there is one, it may lock more profits.

6) He is not using any form of enterprise with all its bureaucracy, complications, staff issues, management, taxes, insurance , strikes etc.

7) He can make very fast large capitalization, but he is not greedy.

8) He does not involve power from humans to humans to accumulate this money, although in spending it, it will involve.

9) He gets practically free from the soft slavery of selling his work by the hours, days, or months, while he has plenty of free time to do any other creative work.

10) It is personal method, and cannot be copied by machines, as it involves human pattern recognition and assessment, and it took him 11 years to acquire that expertise. 



His practice has at least 5 alternative moral and social implication interpretations : Trading, Volatility Risk Management, Volatility Insurance, Fluctuations Tax, Renewable Forms of Capitalization. But his favorite one is "private taxation" to the banking system. 


He creates software tools and even automated trading or fluctuations management in forex and  he discovers the financial freedom. His interdisciplinary strategy is the next:

1) To identify the most consistent and strong eternal input periodic rhythms to macroeconomic activities via, astronomy of the solar system, global climate , ecology, and psychology. These would be the key frequencies or rhythms. He listed and found at least 12 such frequencies. But only two of them where the strongest and most consistent. The rhythm relevant to the spin of the planet (daily periodicity) and the rhythm relevant to the spin of the sun (monthly periodicity)

2) To formulate and solve the basic dynamic equations of the interlay of demand-supply, that are modulated by the above rhythms. He formulates the 3 modes coupling of demand-supply 

 a) Domination b) Competition c) Cooperation. Happily for him such equations had already been formulated and solved in ecology and social psychology. He solves the above non-linear dynamic systems for the demand supply interpretation and get 6 basic price action patterns a) Spikes, b) trends, c) expanding waves, d) contracting waves e) Flat waves f) No pattern at all.

These 6 patterns created the mechanism of how  the market momentum (trend) changes from time to time. So he is not based only on the long term constant trend of the markets that all investors know.

3) Then he codes a (monte-carlo) simulator to derive as a class of stochastic processes that give  price action based on the above market behavior. He calls such stochastic processes  rainbow walks.

4) He solves the rainbow walks to get an optimal trading system (as optimal stochastic control ) with constrains or requirements like a) at least so much monthly rate of return, b) at most so much maximum draw down of profits, c) at most so much equities curve variance  etc. Happily for him parts of such solutions were scattered in various books of mathematics, statistics, engineering, econometrics and various successful traders, trading books etc.  To the trading solution of the above 6 price  patters, he added the optimal adjustment of the size of the positions (pyramiding and anti-pyramiding) which depends only on the random fluctuations during a temporarily constant trend and not on the trend. It took him not  less than 11 years of  experimentation, studying, coding etc to synthesize those partial solutions and derive the full solution. Probably more than 80% of this time and money cost , was spent to separate what is programmable  and what  is not programmable  in the above solution according to the current state of the art of technology.

5) Then he coded the trading solution partly with automated robots in existing platforms of the web and partly with indicators and pattern recognition and partly as daily manual protocol that does not take more than 20 minutes once per day. Happily for him the advance of the collective industry of forex gave him free coded tools to ensemble in his code. His solution is not 100% automated, it is half-automated half-manual, but there is no 100% manual which is better than it neither 100% automated which is better than it.

6) Then he practice for years to appropriate his subconscious to feel comfortable and natural when applying this trading. This means in the terms of the psychology of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) that he created and appropriate anchor in his subconscious that is sufficient self-rewarding already before the money reward so that he has the passion to conduct it. This NLP-anchor is his "Holy Grail". Gradually the personal anchor joins similar collective anchors.  His method is half automated (the best that the current state of the art in coding and software was available in his time) and half manual (like driving a car) which also ensured effectiveness lower risk and stability of the results, without the bulk of the effort. The 100% automated version of his method gives only the 1/10 or 1/5 of what the full half-manual protocol can do.

Meanwhile because of all the above lengthily and time consuming work and experimentation he lost all the available capital he had and therefore he went bankrupt. But this adventure was not only an adventure in scientific knowledge and expertise but also an adventure in personal development character building, and refinement of values beliefs, virtues (like courage and honesty)  and actions. Most of the self-made millionaires had many stages that were bankrupt before the final success.


His trading methods (the half-manual) are so perfect and powerful that  can double a small account (e.g. of 100$) within a month. So he does not need funds and bankruptcy did not became a fatal obstruction. Ordinary money that can be saved from every day expenses suffice to make in a few years even millions. He can create a funds like a renewable form of capitalization. This seems like winning in a lottery but it by far better as he has the freedom and knowledge to create funds and good luck not only to spend an amount of money as a result of  luck. Luck for him is "Labor Under Correct Knowledge". Now this sounds  impossible and  like self-deception but in reality he who knows, knows  that it is true. Still he realizes that knowing a way to make capital is like knowing a diet to loose much of extra weight. It is different to know what to do from to do what you know.  To apply such a knowledge the subconscious must be appropriated to feel it natural and well with confidence and desirable both individually and collectively .  Many other multi-millionaires and billionaires had knowingly or instinctively applied the content of the laws that he was using, in economics so he was not really the 1st. E.g. Roger Ward Babson in the 1st part of the 20th century had a similar story attributing his methods to capitalize to the laws of Newton's as transferred in economics. But his approach was quite more scientifically sophisticated and multi-disciplinary.  He believed that the feasibility and possibility of such methods of making wealth , which eventually was to be an asset of the society, made the financial world , banks financial institutions and domestic economies, self-insured from crises if they realized and applied it; But also it signified a radical transformation of capitalism to a new phase that he used to call meta-capitalism and believed to have the possibility to be more human with higher quality of  life and values. Not only he recovers all his lost capital till he could perfect his method, but also he became a multi-millionaire.  At the end of his career he is devoted to lecturing on his discoveries and from his surplus wealth to creating grants, in arts and sciences based on his capitalization from his trading systems. His new synthesis is a new mentality and behavior paradigm, a new philosophy for the world, and helps the civilization to understand how the remote conditions of the planet and even outside the planet, of the sun , influence and regulate in a cyclic or periodic way, the global climate, the ecology, the social life and  the macro-economy,  though the meteorology , solar wind and solar energy absorption, in spite of the fact that the resulting economic activities seems chaotic and do not show any exact cyclic behavior. He is proving his assertions both with statistics, and with detailed sequences of causalities. He is also proposing a new paradigm for macroeconomic functioning and evolution. The new macroeconomics are more stable and emotional reassuring, and are not only for the western world but  for some continents from the developing world too. In some sense his discoveries become a new type of  "philosopher's stone"  for personal and public wealth and welfare. For some people this figure made them remember captain  Coustault with his Calypso, but the protagonist of this novel was pointing to the wind of the shining atmosphere , the stars, the invisible aether,  and the human consiousness rather than to the sea only. For him the pure gold was already up in to the sky, in what surrounds us on earth , its laws, and in to the human spirit and consiousness.



(In this science fiction novel which is put in the age after the abyss, it is described how two young women and two men, change the known physics of their time. These four scientists had heard the rumors that during the 20th century aliens from a planet of the star Aldebaran , that are sexless gray dwarfs, applied rape- experimentation to abducted human beings and also they had cooperated with German Nazi during the 2nd world war of the 20th century. The rumors said that similar abductions were practiced  by some other alien races that had visited earth too. There were nevertheless alien races that although observed , refrain from practicing such abductions. Their technology was very advanced and involved traveling faster than light with flying discs . So they decided to focus their efforts and discover what was wrong with earthly physics till their time and why the academic world was missing such possibilities. The Einstein's theories in gravitation and inertia have been long ago abandoned by physicists in view of many new discovered experiments of inertia and "antigravity". Cars are moving already, since much time ago,  with hydrogen, according to the hydrogen energy model. One of the young women, discovers the new post-Einsteinian laws of universal attraction for the macroscopic scale of celestial bodies and middle scale of laboratory objects.  The 2nd woman, discovers the new laws of inertia for the middle scale of Laboratory objects. The first of the young men discovers the new laws of  neutral-Field kinematics for the middle scale of Laboratory objects and macroscopic scale of celestial bodies. Alternative terms for the field kinematics were  "antigravity" ,( a term that was used in the underground physical science of the 20th century) or  "neutral magnetism" ( a term used mainly by ancient eastern therapists) .  An old 20th century scientist by the name Wilhelm Reich was using the term "orgone energy" , which was essentially the kinetic energy of the field at neutral state at the middle scale of laboratory objects, which Reich studied it the context of biology  and effect on life functions. It is true that this energy although related to the energy of the electromagnetic field, it is distinct from it. Already during the 20th century quantum physicist had discovered the weak neutral interactions at the microscopic scale of atoms, they had suspected that there might exist corresponding neutral dynamic and energy effects at the middle scale of the laboratory objects. But their obsession with cyclotrons and nuclear energy did not lead them to study it. The truth is also that at the birth of quantum mechanics, scientists like De Broglie and Shroendiger, tried to introduce a neutral field at the microscopic scale of atoms (not at the laboratory objects scale) and its momentum exchange with material particles (that produce waves as they move in it). But instead of such a neutral field at the microscopic scale, the quantum physics of the quantum vacuum  was developed. Since then no advance was made at the microscopic scale of atoms. In some sense, some of these neutral-field  dynamic and energy phenomena of "orgone" energy, could be also classified as weak gravitodynamic phenomena not of Newtonian gravitation, but Einsteinian gravitation, at the middle scale of Laboratory objects.  This is not entirely true, as Einstein had described such effects and energy phenomena with quantitative description, which is  not too far away from the true, when it was at the macroscopic scale of  celestial bodies , but his quantitative description of the corresponding effects at the middle scale of laboratory objects  (and also at the microscopic particle scale) was by far away from the correct. This was already known during the 20th century physics with the simple gyroscopic experiments of DePalma, and Aspden, but it had been ignored and remained relatively unknown. This is not strange, and it had happened with the atomic  theory of matter during the 19th century: The Brownian motion experiments was known since 1820, but the atomic theory of matter was a discredited theory compared to the theory of "phases" of matter, and it was only as late as 1860 and 1905 that the atomic theory of matter was accepted universally. Only later with the repetition of these experiments and design of many more similar, the Einstein's special and general relativity was finally rejected by the scientific community as correct quantitative description at the middle laboratory scale objects.. Any way, due also to the obscure misconceptions of Einstein's physics, and the resulted discredited status by the time of the protagonists of this novel, all such neutral-field and matter dynamic and energy effects ,  required now a new clear and true rediscovery and extension in scales both of the middle laboratory and the macroscopic  celestial bodies. These phenomena were finally discovered, studied and  described with correct mathematics only now, and under the name neutral-field kinematics. The new equations were correct both for the middle scale of laboratory objects and the macroscopic scale of celestial bodies. But certainly they are not correct for the microscopic scale of atoms. This area remained a "forbidden scale"  in spite the quantum physics research. The other young man, discovers the new post-Maxwell laws of classical electrodynamics for the middle scale of Laboratory objects. Many people were wondering why these discoveries did not take place, earlier, as most of the laboratory and astronomic observations on which they were based, were also known as long ago as during the 20th century. This remains probably a mystery to most of the people. There were some historicists of science that gave the explanation, that because these discoveries were bringing in to exposure and public scene many deeper functions of  material reality and also life functions, required a more socially friendly world, with compassion and piece, and the 20th centuries' two world wars was hardly the necessary subjective environment for such knowledge.  All the four new discoveries are describable within traditional classical fields according to the  physics even of the 19th century. They are on the classical macroscopic scale of the laboratory objects, and celestial bodies, and not in the quantum or microscopic scale. All the four of them together combined, made them discovered, the new field propulsion, and the renewable field energy extraction, as main applications of the above. The knowledge of the nature of protons, electrons and neutrons did not change neither quantum mechanics  advanced but the equations of the classical fields of  gravitation and electromagnetism for the middle scale of laboratory objects and macroscopic scale of celestial bodies changed and a new classical field (for the middle scale of Laboratory objects) was added under the name  of "neutral field kinematics". All these three classical fields were unified in to a single classical  field valid mainly at the middle scale of laboratory objects. This was a new triumph of the human spirit and a large gap in the civilization's intelligence was filled, that was relevant to the human practice and interaction with the reality of the middle scale of Laboratory objects. This field had similar equations to  the equations of a gas. This gas was called virtual gas. An old discredited term of the 19th century was "aether". The "antigravity" or neutral field kinematics,  corresponds to  its aerodynamic and kinetic function. The gravitation corresponds to its thermodynamic and temperature distribution  function. The electromagnetism corresponds to  its ionization or charged state  function. This gas metaphor of the field was also called the "virtual gas metaphor". At the same time the civilization has developed more the human consciousness and human psychic qualities like compassion, sympathy etc versus blind violent activities. Societies have become wise enough to discover only what is safe to apply rather than apply what ever can be discovered. The new discoveries influenced deeply biology and the medicine too. People realized that life extents at the field  too. Medical research discovers that there is a few millimeters layer of field around the human body which is also a living tissue. They called it human field-ware. In this field-ware was functioning a 4th circulation system of the human body, if the other three are the blood's, the lymphatic, and the nervous. A circulations system of information and energy for the control of the molecular living tissues.  Some primitive knowledge of the 4th system was contained in the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture. Very soon  there were  was found methods by the doctors to cure the cancer, as cancer resulted usually to a disorder, or  corruption of the field-ware, and a drastic decrease of the cell's electric conductivity. Doctors found methods and devices to to restore the field-ware cure the cancer, and even prevent it. The new discoveries completely change the landscape of the technology of energy, which is now abundant and accessible with relatively simple technology to most of the world. The source of the energy was the gravitational field of celestial bodies, which was now part of the unified classical field. It is essentially a  renewable source of energy  given the vast number of celestial bodies. The new physics permit simple modifications of the hydrogen energy model, so that hydrogen is now  produced using this new source of energy. A particular simple type of production of hydrogen and oxygen, gave a flame that was directly extracting energy from the field.   Transportation is also completely changed, the physical principles of flying discs have been now discovered , and humanity travels easily not only inside the solar system, but also to  solar systems that are close. Humanity is no longer grounded in earth.  The flying discs move with the new field propulsion in air, under the water, and in space outside the planet. Their circuits are so clever constructed  that they create a state of the field as if of a small ionized tornado in the virtual gas metaphor of the unified field. This  situation gives both the field propulsion and the required energy.  Compared to  the new field propulsion, space rockets of the 20th century were looking like primitive airplanes moving with steam engine. The new flying discs can easily move with supersonic speeds in the planets atmosphere. But as the limitations of the Einstein's physics have now been abandoned, the engineers believe that by advancing the engineering could make them move in space faster than the speed of light on earth. It is simply a similar engineering advance similar to that from airplanes with propellers to supersonic airplanes. Many richer people on earth replaced their cars that were moving with the hydrogen energy model, with the new flying discs. Nuclear power has become only  a military technology,  for the extreme cases of outer space  threats of invasions of more advanced enemies. In some sense the prophecy of Julius Vern that of the Roveros, with his vehicle in the sky, under the waters and on earth, has been fulfilled, except that because it was public discovery rather than from few hidden individuals, and because as we shall see it can be used to protect the life on earth from comets,  it did not led to the ruin of  its own creator).

A very valuable for earthly life new project was carried out jointly by all the nations called “Billiard project after the discovery of the new field propulsion . Its main idea is that  some of the asteroids with a size significant compared  to a usual comet, were chosen, and were equipped with powerful  installations of such field propulsion. In such a way they became essentially of  tele-controlled orbit and speed. In this way it was not only guaranteed that they would never fall on earth due to a change of their orbit, but also that they could even protect earth. The idea is that whenever a comet would have an orbit that meets earth, one or more of these asteroids were directed by remote control, to collide softly with the comet (like the balls in a billiard table) so as to alter its orbit and drive it way from earth. Thus the new discoveries not only gave freedom to humanity but also, were used to protect all life in the planet of earth.






The situations described in this novel would  resemble the famous book by Tomas Man  "Dr Faust", except that in that book it was only one source: the devil that harassed the mind of protagonist  mainly through the inner audio sense. In the present novel it is a number of corrupt or semi-corrupt,  subjects that are doing the damage and may be using at times each of the 5 inner senses.

The famous author Steven Pressfield wrote a whole book with essentially the same phenomenon, under the title "The war of art". In his book it is calling it simply THE RESISTANCE.

Here is a quote from this book. (


The following is a list , in no particular order , of those activities most commonly elicite  Resistance

1) The pursuit of any calling in writing, painting, music, film, dance, or any creative art, however marginal or unconventional.

2) The launching of any entrepreneurial venture or enterprise for profit or otherwise.

3) Any diet or health regimen

4) Any program of spiritual advancement

5) Any activity whose aim is tighter abdominals

6) Any course or program designed to overcome un unwholesome habit or addiction.

7) Education of every kind

8) Any act of political, moral, or ethical courage, including the decision to change for the better some unworthy pattern of thought or conduct in ourselves.

9) The undertaking of any enterprise or endeavor, whose aim is to help others.

10) Any act that entails commitment of the heart. The decision to get married to have a child, to weather a rocky patch to a relationship.

11) The taking of any principle stand in the face of adversity.


And I would add, that the Resistance chooses for time and space to attack, any situation where there is love., in what you do, or what you are, what you think etc


Steven  Pressfiled continuous is book, defining the enemy of Resistance as Invisible, Internalized, Insidious, Implacable, Impersonal, Infallible, etc


What the book does not describe is how this resistance is expressed through the thoughts and voices usually of people that we meet, and internalized to our inner senses.

We assume here that besides the external 5 senses, as these external 5 senses have centers in the brain, there are therefore the corresponding 5 inner senses. 

We are in particular interested to the inner vision and inner hearing. 

For more on the phenomenon of  "hearing voices"  here

and also here

But the approach in this novel has nothing to do with schizophrenia, instead it has all to do with emerging telepathy, and  power of human mind over human mind. 



It also resemble the as well  very  famous Orwellian  nightmare "Big Bother" . Again it is different in the sense that the tyranny of the "Big Brother" was exercised by electronic cameras and speakers, that ruined the moral and freedom of the individuals in their private or public life, and also had a  unique source. In the present situation it is through the hallucination dream-possession impact  on the mind , inner-senses and kinesthetics of individuals in their private and public life, from some other individuals. More like  a Lernaean Hydra monster in the inner senses (see .

This novel is about  the problems and evil that goes parallel with the natural and spontaneous development of telepathy among people in various social situations and especially in Greece according to the author's experience, but also about the modern telepathic devices, for  spying, mind control and mind torturing. We are not talking about telepathy of the abstract mind , at the level of the soul, where there is no recognizable language or words at any language and only a meaning of the consciousness.  We are talking about  of telepathy of the concrete mind, where it is sensed of words of a particular language (e.g. English, German, Greek, etc) , and also even recognizable  color of the voice of a particular person, known or not. There are thousands of people that have this experience in a random or a systematic way. There too many people that go to doctors and complain about "hearing voices in their head". A smaller number, report random or systematic  "seeing" of crystal clear images, for a short time interval of other people known or unknown doing something in some distant environment. If  it happens that such people go and  have a session with a classical doctor of Freud's psychoanalysis, or classical doctor of psychiatry , they would most probably be charged with a kind of  mental disorder e.g. paranoia, or psychosis, etc The things would be better if they would resort to more modern psychological techniques like NLP. On the other hand there are plenty many experts in yoga  or  dedicated monks of some religion (Christian, Buddhist, etc) that would definitely  declare as possible and as a fact the charismatic psychic ability  of human beings (usually saints) to "see" with their brain rather than their eyes, at a distance the actions of other people or "hear" with their brain rather than their ears, at a distance the thoughts and spoken words of other people. In  between these two extremes  there come extraordinary successful businessmen and ordinary people. For example I may  present a quote from a book by  Napoleon Hill , a famous American writer of personal development and philosophy of individual's achievement, during the middle of the 20th century  , when interviewing one of the greatest steel industrialist and philanthropist namely Andrew Carnegie, with whom  the American society was very familiar during his time, and who was a  man, strong enough to be friend and have discussions with American presidents and other famous figures of the society of his time.

" Book with title " The wisdom of Andrew Carnegie as told to Napoleon Hill "......Chapter with title  "Organize your  Thinking"


HILL: You believe, then, the thoughts do pass from one mind to another, through the principle of telepathy?

CARNEGIE : That fact has apparently been established by men of science, but I have evidence of its existence, from my own personal experience. Yes. one's mind is being constantly bombard with the impulses of thought released from the minds of others-especially those with whom we come into close contact daily..........."

In addition there are also modern developments were technology  (rumored to be of extraterrestrial alien origin initially, but know possessed and reengineered by the governments of super powers) can clone human, voices , and be directed to brain centers to create inner hearing , that does no come from the direct environment through the ears. It could be called "third ear". 

This is used at least to spy on certain individuals, obviously violating their private data and life, or even torture them, and leading the to inability to work, or having family life, or lead them to car accidents, or even suicide. The adjective "Auschwitz-level" to describe these crimes , is not a hyperbole. For references and cases see the references at the end of the page. It is also know widely in the internet that the aliens (most probably from a planet of the star aldebaran at the constellation of Taurus, and known from their abductions, as "gray dwarfs") have used such devices,  to paralyze the consciousness abilities and memory of people while sleeping and abduct them during the night  to execute experiments on their bodies with one of the goal ,being to create a mélanges  of the human species of humans with their species of humanoids. This has been observed by another noble species of aliens that although they spy too, refrain from such high tech and psychodynamic barbarisms, and has been characterized by them  as a raping of the earthly human race by the particular species of aliens. The rumors also in the internet claim that earthly governments of superpowers, have also created similar telepathic devices for spying (of potential terrorists) and mind control. Such devices can tune to the frequencies of the brain centers, and "listen" to all the inner self -talking, or external talking of the victim. They can also clone real human voices, broadcast them and seduce the brain of individuals, to answer to the machine with their inner talking so as to find its frequencies. Once they have found the frequencies then they lock the spying. Conversely they can also broadcast internal speaking to the victim, harass him (her) and even torture his mind 24 hours every day for many years. Such devices can also "listen" the inner talking of the collective population in a large scale numbers and have direct information for the public opinions. Conversely again they can  influence the masses with persistent "suggestive" broadcastings of inner talking to many people simultaneously at random, so as to shape public opinions. Some victims of  mind torturing by such telepathic devices have called them the "autopig".

The protagonist of the present  book is a writer who is disturbed by  telepathic harassment in the process of his  creative writing . The situation is similar to  that in the book of  Tomas Man "Faust" , except, that in Tomas' Man book the victim was a doctor, and the source of the telepathic harassment was a demon of the Devil itself as the author was putting it.  In the present novel the source of the harassment is a multitude of other people, people that the writer had met, or known of the past, like relatives, or simply totally unknown to the writer . The writer due to his mental sensitivity , a gift for his creative writing, was too often the victim of such telepathic harassments. He did not dare to visit a doctor of psychoanalysis, or of classical psychiatry as he did not have sufficient money and in addition he new that he most probably  he would be declared with paranoia or obsessive psychosis or something else.  He was lucky to meet a wise man of  internal personal development, who has given him some advice on his troubles. The next is an extract of  an interview with his advisor.



Lets us talk about what can be called “telepathic harassments” that is a painful experience not only by you but by many other people and mainly of young age. You say that the last 10 years it is most often reducing by at least 80% your daily energy and ability to work and I believe it! It could be even worse! There are many car accidents that have their origin in telepathic harassments, although the drivers would not dare to claim or mentioned it. And those that contribute to making people vulnerable to telepathic harassment or create telepathic harassment making all this  happening should be severely punished  by laws in all human societies.  After all a whole book can be written with these new and subtler forms of inhuman cruelty and evil (evil: reverse order of the letters of the word live, =death) in modern society. They are certainly worse that bodily torturing. It has been reported that the previous century the Turkish applied a  method of torturing that consisted in tying a person under a barrel from which slowly drops of water were falling on the forehead. After 30 or more days the person was permanently  damaged , his mental faculty was entirely destroyed without ever being able in his life to live outside a sanatorium. Compared to the  ancient cruelty of  putting people to the lions, you may say that this is even worse,   as body pain is less compared to mental  and that of destroying your mental faculty and sanity.



To quote again Napoleon Hill from his book "Think and grow rich"  (Epilogue, The devil's workshop , The seventh basic evil, ....for want of a better name, let us call it susceptibility to negative influences...  You can easily protect yourself against robbers ....but the seventh basic evil is more difficult to master it strikes ....even when you are asleep and while you are awake. Moreover its weapon is intangible....Sometimes it enters the mind through the.....words of one's own relatives...Always it is deadly poison although it may not kill as quickly......Without doubt the most common weakness of human beings is .....leaving their mind open to the negative influences of other people. This weakness is all the more damaging because most people do not recognize  that hey are cursed by it  and many .....neglect or refuse to correct the evil until it becomes an uncomfortable part of their daily habits."


I may mention the correspondence of it to how in older times people were dying by he infection from epidemics from their physical contact with other people and when they did not know how to protect themselves  from that. The situations may be even more severe since the time of Napoleon Hill.  In the present times computer viruses in the internet is a common trouble, and anti-viruses as well as encryption and firewalls for the  hackers, and intruders is a common knowledge. Unfortunately the corresponding  techniques to protect from telepathic intruders is not at  all a common knowledge. Very often religious people are more vulnerable to this evil as they leave their mind wide open to outside influences, "so as as to be able to communicate any time with the God" . But, to use a metaphor , in the older  times when  robbers, rapists,  murderers etc where everywhere,   if you leave the door of your house open for the doctor to come in the unpredictable future again, most probably there would be no-one alive in the house for the doctor to cure.   An as far as the telepathic communication is concerned we are in "ancient times". We hardly have the ability to create mind firewalls as we do with the computers. Recently though there is a literature in the web about the Maharic Shield, that might be a relevant.

Modern individuals, are vulnerable, to hallucinations, rooted to sexual drives, remote magic  , past contacts with other people, dream-fantasies, and  telepathy at the level of concrete mind etc.  The impact on the individual can be in many levels: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic.  I have witnesses such undesired bonds to be created usually from lust that later torture on of the sides. It leads to insanity. It should be forbidden from one human being to another to claim that "he or she is" one of his tangible or  intangible possessions or properties of another human being. E.g. you cannot claim that "you are" his or her car or cloths, or books, or reading light, or drinking water, or food, or waking, or sleeping, or suffering, or disease, or accident, or trauma, or creative writing , or driving, or death  etc. It may sound extreme and the object of poetry or Satanism, such claims, but believe it or not there are people that claim it for other people. The problem is  is of course when there is no mutual consent from the claimer and the object of his attention. And what is even more unbelievable, there are social areas, that such claims have "two persons interplay" power and magical conduct. Not in all societies in all places and times, but there are social groups and situations, that such claims hunt the mortal souls of human beings. Groups of Satanism and conversely esoteric healing are examples. It is clear cases that a human being does not know where his freedom stops, and where the freedom of the other human beings begin. The problems arise when the golden rule is violated, and a human being is trying to do to another what he does not want others to do to him (her), or is trying to to do other human beings, what others human beings do not want to do to them, and what also is not good for the rest of people as third party.  Such possession claims, need not be conscious outspoken phrases (like in poems: I am your smile etc) but also subconscious hidden verbal claims never as sound from the lips. 

Likewise it should be forbidden from one human being to try to communicate anonymously to another human being through Visual, Auditory, or both plus kinesthetic hallucinations, where private  information also can flow one way or two ways, when there is no mutual consent, or extreme need. Communication has rules either as anonymous or with pseudo-names, or with true identity. Such rules are e.g. those in similar cases in the internet, and mobile phones. But anonymous, with not extreme need real reason (fire, drown in the middle of the ocean etc) , without mutual consent, hallucination-communication is not a communication at all, it the paradise of the demons of confusion. The impact of such pirated "hankering" through hallucinations,  is an awful hell and torturing,  especially if it is systematic, directed from many irresponsible and ill indented  individuals, to a single individual, in large numbers, in sensitive places and times of every day life and creative work. Usual the impact is at the Visual and auditory level, and more rarely at the kinesthetic level (where feelings are dense and not so liquid). Again the attackers of such "hallucination pseudo-communication" are trying to do remotely to other human beings, what it is forbidden to them, to do to humans at proxy, by all standard laws in society and human interactions-relations and communication. The ill intentions are real. It is like web-games virtual reality battles killing and wars, except here it is not in an electronic virtual reality, but real hallucinations (some times dream-fantasy only) of real people, in real life, and real brainwave, and nervous system. Anonymous unconditional, with no rules, no mutual consent, communication , traditionally is accepted as prayer from humans to God. Nevertheless we are talking here from humans to humans. To realize what is wrong in such cases we may try to translate it as communication either between two people in physical proximity, or through telephone or video calls. The solicitation, bad-joke -like nature of such "hallucination pirates" becomes clear and the flaws obvious. Good or bad intentions is not the issue here. The main flaw is the violation of obvious rules, like mutual consent, and undesired anonymity   (I "see" and know who you are but you do not  "see" me, you only "listen" me , and you cannot recognize who I am. So although it is undesirable to you, I go one playing a torturing, harassment to you like a cat and a mouse, or rather a snake and a a mouse.) The victim may try to "close the telephone" metaphorically speaking, but the farceur insists. The victim some time manages to reverse roles, using humor, clever counter spells, and clever utilization of the environment, and the main disadvantage of the attacker which's his spending of precious attention power, and being out of his place. Even a single "victim" to many simultaneous attackers (like in martial arts), can render them to "obedient servants" of his glorious here and now natural environment, ridiculing them to objects of his environment "that whisper"  , and even under his shoes.  In ancient Greek mythology there where the myths of erynies and eymenides entities attaching the thoughts and memory of heroes, that followed them every were, especially after killing an "enemy" that should not be killed, and were transforming from very hostile and torturing monsters to hyper-favorable, too mach favorable agents so much that in both forms were entirely torturing. 


Using such influences  to heal (like in Rayki ), may seem to many as a good reason for such hallucination communication, and influence to be supported. But not if it is at level, where besides energy, information can also flow. Not to mention that if the healer is not asked by the patient, or accepted by him things get complicated. Especially when the healers themselves are sick and seriously ill.  Study though in the web the technique of Maharic Shield. To  use another emotional word-picture and metaphor, how a hospital chief doctor is good, when in trying to cure patients, all his medical staff , nurses, minor doctors etc become ill, with the worse of diseases  compared to the incoming patients , and he insists going on curing without taking care seriously first of the real causes of it ? Was it due to insufficient  care in contacting patients? Was it due to external on purpose sabotage? Maybe all the staff was sick long before they hired it and they where hiding it?  Was it because of exposure to x-rays in the lab? Because of not using the right clean and safe cloths and gloves? Because the chief-doctor is a Machiavelli-doctor and  psychologically overstress them? A good chief's doctor first priority is to secure a healthy and sane medical staff before caring curing anyone else. There are also many cases reported among devoted Christian monks in Monasteries (e.g. in holy mountain Athos), cases of monks so much telepathic harassed, that temporary become  like maniacs, and taking e.g. a knife they destroy usually the eyes from faces, in wall paintings of the  Monastery. In other cases of continuous and intense  telepathic harassment , the victims commit suicide, by jumping from a building , with a gun , or by cutting their blood veins. 




The telepathic violation  consists of violations of privacy and the brain resources of the individual. This violations is not of course through electronic devices in the house or car of the victims or through physical bodily presence of the attacker at the room or place of the victim. It seems that all takes place in accessing the brain of the victim and its electric signals. This is done either with devices at a long distance from the victim or through humans again at long distance from the victim.  In most cases when this is done almost on occasion by random and amateur people (that may nevertheless have surprisingly strong power to do it especially due to the underdevelopment of their soul and personality) it is immediately felt by the victim. The victim in such cases, most often in his turn is able to "listen" to the thoughts of the attacker (if it is not a technological device) . The attacker usually repeats with voice or non-voiced speech, the spoken words  by the victim (this has been coined by the term  termed as the "bubbler"). In other cases the attacker repeats in his words the  sights and read words e.g. in books , that the victim is reading or writing.  This is a proof for the victim that his has been hacked and his privacy has been invaded and is also harassed. The verbal abuse is directly to his inner self-talking and "third ear" . Torturers eventually demean themselves. 

The violations  mainly consists of  invasions of privacy , unauthorized access to private information without the consent of the victim, intrusion of solitude and torts or infringements of Intellectual rights, and spying. Many  people mention also Mind torturing 24 hours every day for years.  The next cases have been experienced in Greece:

  1. Invasion of privacy and unauthorized access  by the attacker of private information of the victim,  of any type like , economic (during transactions or when doing accounting) , conduction of daily activities, personal notebook,  intimate moments with the other sex,  computer programming code at the time of programming  etc. There are  types 

  2. Invasion of privacy  and unauthorized access  by the attacker of the private physical sense of sight of the victim , where the attacker sees what the victim sees in physical action ( I assume that he gets access to the visual signals in the brain of the victim)

  3. Invasion of privacy and unauthorized access  by the attacker of the private physical sense of hearing of the victim , where the attacker hears what the victim is saying, in the telephone or in other  persons physical presence. (e.g. private talking with friends or even lecturing in an audience, or listening to an MP3 player . The attackers just repeat some of the words of the recording, or repeat some of the words and make aggressive and insulting comments) 

4.      Intellectual property infringement and spying: Furthermore if the information obtained that way, from the visual or audio senses of the victim, or what ever method the telepathic hacking is using, and is an information protected by intellectual rights, and its trade secrecy is therefore violated , or the information is used in such a way that violates the intellectual rights (e.g. plagiarism), then this is certainly also a violation of societies laws, and is punishable by courts. The same of course if the telepathic hacking is extraction information like passwords, and pins, and this information is used for forgery or other illegal uses against the owner by law. The same if the extracted information by telepathy is a classified military or governmental information, besides personal private and confidential information (domestic or international spying).

  1. Invasion of privacy and violation and distortion by the attacker of the privacy of internal not-voiced self-talking of the victim  (e.g. in praying or

simply meditating and speculating during daily activities).

  6.             .Invasion of privacy and violation and distortion by the attacker of emotions of the victim , in trying to force the attacker's  understanding and emotions using   the 2nd person interplay of speech and directed to the victim, (in other words speaking to him in the 2nd person of the grammar with telepathy) in a way that there is no doubt that it is directed to the victim e.g. the attacker is naming objects that only the victim sees or words and sounds that only the victim in his proximity can hear.

The telepathic attackers act as highly undesirable, and uninvited solicitors, usually with emotional brutality, that harass the emotional balance, self-image, self-talk, and self-control of the victims. (The attackers usually relate  their pettiness to personal power, sexual power , wild power to guess etc, and usually the boast for their personal power  to be able to harass with telepathy.)

7.      The attackers when persistent are actually torturers. It is not the mere cold content of what they say but the emotional implied impact they have to their victims when accessing directly the inner sensitive world of the victim. Especially when the victim is a scientist or artist or creator in general and his ego is mainly correlated with his freedom, to think and create or write or research. By violating and torturing his very asset talent and  “self”. They never apply the diamond social  rule “Never do to others what they do not want to do to them, and do to others what you want them to do to you” They seem not understand that there is no one-sided human communication without mutual consensus and agreement for a communication, when only the one side violates the free will of the other side. The reports in the Internet describe them as  “Nazi Pigs” . There are some characteristic types of them. Like

         7.1 The “autopig devices”. It is a machine programmed to do the torturing

         7.2 Real people. E.g. The type that has been given the nick-name “Beavis and Butthead.” They are two babbling morons that they provide their real time running commentary on anything they manage to hack in of what you think or do.

 7.3 “The forced  emotions imposer” A similar type that attempts, furthermore, to comment to what he (she) assumes that you feel when you are doing what you are doing in everyday life. Usually they try to impose their false feeling to their victims. This is very irritating, as personal feelings related to what someone is doing is usually the quality achievement of all people that respect themselves, and follow their own personal development program, and new born quality feelings are entirely raped but what forced and usually negative feelings the attacker wants to impose. An  other case of attempted force intimacy by telepathy.

        7.4 Then there is the case of the “the forced poisoned  internal-talk ”. His (her) case is the case of  a silent listener for some time, who then undertakes to create a faced self-talk for the victim, at least hurting the sacred silence of his personal private hours of  meditation or self-retrospection, or other private hours like bathing, making sex, eating, shaving in front of the mirror. But furthermore he tries to play the corrupt psychoanalyst for the victim trying  disempowering him with attacks like “you are broken” , “They killed you”, “You are dead”, “They fucked you”, “you are incompetent”, “you are immoral”  , “you are ill”, “you are broke” , “you are materialist”,  “you are stupid”, “you are travesty” . “One woman has them of you” “I spit on you” ,”They have you”, “They know what you are” 'I have buried you" etc

 7.5 The case of “sadomasochists”. This is a case similar to the case 7.4 , except that if the victim returns to him (her)  some of the attacks, or remind him that he has no right to violate the data of the private life of anyone else (e.g. by repeating what he writes, or is doing etc) he reverts the mode by starting to “whipping” himself by saying “he killed me”, “ I am ashamed” , "I made myself a male horn",  “He has me”, “He scares me” , "I made a bitch of myself in anger" etc. The same self-whipping is when they cannot “pass the door” of the victim’s mind as the victim does not answer or pay attention to them. But all this self-whipping is only to “take   power over himself” just to attack again by repeating his self-whipping in 2nd person this time "you are..", exactly all his "self-whipping", against his victim.

       7.6 The “envier” This case attacks selectively and not all the time.  Only at the victim’s  happy times. This of course means a continuous spying of the victim’s life. E.g. When the victim buys a new car, or new cloths, or changes house and goes to a better  apartment, or has a new idea in his work, or has a new financial success or escapes bankruptcy,  or his intimate relation has a new happy turn,  etc The attacks are of the type “ It hurts me” , “he is an asshole”, “he is incompetent”, “It makes me rip-out my cloths of anger” “ He makes me a bitch from anger” . If the victim attacks back some the “attack-phrases” render in 1st person like “I made a bitch of myself from anger”.

     7.8 The “religious praying piracy and rapping” This is the case when the telepathic attacker listens to the praying of the victim and they mock it, or intervene in such a way that the victim has to stop, or refrain from praying altogether.

     7.9 “The holy private hours, piracy and invasion”  This is the case again of selective usually anomalous or malicious  telepathic harassment  especially at the sacred and holy moments and hours that each person has, in fact, the obligation, if  he (she) respect himself, to keep secret or classified. E.g. When writing personal diary, when working on personal or of the enterprise or of the governmental financial accounting and transactions, when writing or reading religious matters, when having sex , when meditating etc. Attackers of this kind are often heard to claim " I am his breath" when the victim is e.g. making breath exercises. Usually this happens in two phases First some one of the attackers  like a stalker scans the victim in persistent way. Then his is "shouting" (internally of course) "It is his breath" and then a another disgusting subject with try to have rapport from the "channel" that the first person opened and start  claiming "I am his breath".  In other cases they claim  "I am her underwear" , when the female victim is changing underwear, or " I am the hair of her pussy" when she is shaving  or " I am  the condom" when a married couple is having sex with a condom etc, or I am the water that he (she) drinks or  " I am what he is feeling " or "I am what he is thinking or writing" etc. Other times they scan the victim and then "shout" (through telepathy always) "It is his glasses" .Usually this means trying to control what the victim is seeing, or what is thinking and understanding, or trying to literally "see" through telepathy what the victim is seeing in his (her)  immediate environment (by at least an insane and malicious curiosity). The situation is most disturbing what the victim is harassed and there is distortion of his (her) feelings or thinking by the alien and usually "dirty" feelings and thoughts of the attacker. In some cases when they "listen" to a man preying they claim "he is praying to me" . In short they often  try to play the role of an under-god  or underground-god (Ypochthonios or katachthonios in Greek,  or should we just say devil) and in spite the disagreement and resentment of the victim, to apply a tyranny of  forced and remote access over-familiarity , lust,  and invasion of private  sensitivity trying, to possess intimately the person closer that the person itself may come with his own soul or with his own mate (wife , husband) etc Most of the high-tech  internet security violations crimes seem insignificant and minor compared to extent of such major subtle crimes and evil of this type, as above. Of course classical literature (e.g. Thomas Man's Faust)  even from ancient or medieval saints , similar harassment are almost always classified as "Devil" or "Satan".

    7.10 “The ego-alienator piracy”  This is shocking ,extravagant and ridiculous case. The invader is using the false but strong rapport premise “I am you” As a consequence when you are reading a book, and the book writes “John apologized to Maria for last evening…” the attacker says “I  told it to him”. When you are in the cinema and you are reading the written phrases of a foreign film the telepathic attacker says “I am telling it to him”. When you see a written sign in high way when you are driving the attacker says “ I told it to you” or “they told it to him”. When you are writing to your private diaries  something ,  the attacker says “I told him (you) to write so” . When you open the door of your house the attacker says “I opened the door” etc.  When making sex with his wife the ego-alienator attacker claims "I am fucking her" . The attackers chose by a malicious instinct some only hours of daily activities e.g. When sitting it seems that they feel compelled to attack to try to have opinion on what and how much he will eat . When having sex they  "come closer" and try to figure out details of the actions  or how he (she) feels etc. When at profound creative work they, are there again to repeat words or terms (that most obviously they do not understand) and try to make correlations based on their own bodily functions and  in general trying to destruct and disturb or degrade what the victim is doing. When relaxing or listening to music or seminars in MP3's they come gain to distort , blame or maliciously express "admiration" etc In some extreme cases of malicious insult to the victim free will and  abilities,  the attacker spies and repeats by telepathy what the victim is writing in his papers, and then  claim “they write it for him”, or “They tell him what to write” . Completely depriving the individual from his free will , and basic abilities and claiming him as a robot , an object without will. etc The same occurs when they happen to "listen" to the internal dialogue and conference of the victim. Having a poor and restricted sense of human consciousness and "self" they claim almost in panic (that it could be otherwise) that "they talk to him" , "they tell him what to do" . A continuous and degrading insult to the consciousness and ego of the victim. For them the victim is totally unable to be the same person that speaks in dialogue (of two sometimes three persons) to himself. Not only insulting him by  hacking with malicious curiosity to the internal dialogue of the other person, but even more by claiming a poor degradation of him. Some times the attackers use names that are supposed to be known to the victim , e.g. of .relatives or friends or job bosses etc, always trying to exert indirect power to him and retain and feed a highly undesired rapport. When the victim counter attacks with angry words they still trying to keep live the rapport with "taming" words like "you've got me" , "you have me" etc. And sometimes it may even happen that the attackers are indeed junior or senior relatives that usually have financial inheritance or other full of envy interest to particular business or other activities of the victim. When the attackers are indeed relatives (still unrecognized by the victim because he (she) keeps sane and solid "mind-firewalls") then their claim to open and keep telepathic rapport is very strong , their excuse seems as if justified but in reality is the worst case of attackers.


 7.11 The “sadistic malicious  pseudo-punisher”  This is somehow one of the reverse cases of the “envier”  This case attacks only at the difficult moments of the victim’s  life like a the ugly and wild birds that eat only dead bodies. E.g. when   electric devices are destroyed   after a black-out or strong fluctuation of electricity, or when you are just informed for some bad financial news of your investments, or when your girl-friend just left you, or when you realized a mistake in the computer programming code you are writing, even when you suddenly believe that you made a mistake in the accounting calculations while in reality you did not. In general in situation that you are “down” or in weak  emotional or physically very tired (e.g. when you are carrying very  heavy objects) etc. The attacks are usually “I am glad!” “I told you so” “At last you are proven wrong”, “you had made me (us)  very angry” , in addition they may try attacks like those of the case of “the forced poisoned  internal-talk”

7.12    “The provocative asker”  This is the case of telepathy spying again but the attacker does not repeat by babbling what the victim do, or writes or speaks in self-talking, but he comments in an way as if what the victim is doing or saying, is doing so as to persuade for something the telepathic  intruder. “You have not persuade us”, “You are  promising”, “they do not like you”  etc.

7.13    “The forecaster piracy ”  This is a case that insult directly the free will of the victim. The telepathic attacker spies on what the victim is doing, he (she) even listens to the internal self-talk of the victim, (where he might say for example “I shall go to the super market”, Or “Lets open the TV” etc) and claims that he (she) knows what the victim is going to do, as if the other person is not a human being but a machine or a marionette to the spy’s focus. The attacker says just a few seconds before the victim will open the TV “He is going to open the TV” etc. Some with anomalous perception, even claim to know when the victim is going to move his leg or his body or scratch his head. Their anomalous probing , makes them think that the victim has its movements and actions for .....them.

7.14 "The belittler monsters of malicious pettiness" In this case the attacker tries to demean and bend the victim with poisoned and  belittling, petty attacks like “you have childish small  hands”, “you are childish ”, “you are like woman”, "You are Johanna" (told to male with name John whispering like a snake in his mind) etc If  this would happen once or twice it could be tolerated. But as it happens in a great number of repetitions, every three hours , 7 days the week 24 months the years, in a maniac  persistence it becomes dangerous and unbearable tyranny. It usually originates mainly from older but unwise people, with complexes. that they want to imagine everyone else and everything in the world to be small, like the children that need toy-dolls, toy-soldiers etc. While they spell it to you remotely, you feel pressed down like stepping on you, and the kinesthetics are distorted  in to such a degree that you cannot feel your normal feelings or think in the way you do while working. It is characteristic that subjects that practice this remote-tyranny to other subjects, repeat continuously belittling variations of their names (in the Greek language it is by adding a special suffix of the form -akis), or  repeating every day in malicious large numbers the above belittling  variations of the names of the harassed in the plural. This has the additional insane effect of  smashing the monad of the spiritual and focus attention  of their victims, while they are usually in deep and sensitive artistic, creative, scientific, or other intellectual work. The hidden implications is the obvious adultery: "you are smashed in to many small children, I am only one and adult and I rule and despise you". The feeling of the nature of such monstrous harassment is of a reptilian type. Like a inert hardship of a  long ago vanquished tyrannosaurus.

7.15 "Those that prevent  sex and love" They are usually of the opposite sex (not so often of the same sex) that stick remotely to you, and grow the sick and arrogant egotism that "they are" to you,  any and all opposite sex  counterpart that you possibly can meet walking, watching cinema, eating together socializing etc. In case of sex with a person of the opposite sex they want to have the privilege to Know it and "watch" it remotely. They show a sick jealousy as if they were you  jealous husband or wife watching you remotely. The worse is that they prefer to stick to single persons.

7.16 "The tyranny of the remote forced over-intimacy or over-familiarity" In this case the "remote hacker" "sticks" so strongly in an intimate way, violating the privacy of eating, sleeping, reading etc in so many and small details, that is much more than the intimacy of  married couples. The attacker can stick for many hours or days, even weeks! The attacker names objects of the environment that only the victim can see, or actions that only the victim performs in his apartment, while he is alone (or not!).

7.17 "The entertainment spoilers". They are sickly poisonous cases, that again stick to you remotely to try to spoil any kind of entertainment you are trying to have , cinema, dance, laughter with friends, jogging, etc. Their trigger is your laughter, happy feelings joy etc. Their means are poisoned words and insults with 

      evil implications and meaning besides the words they say remotely. Again their unbearable  and dangerous character is they systematic sly repetitions. Often they show this malicious and mean aggressiveness, after insults or curses you have directed to them,  their nth time of  without reason spoil of your  entertainment. As usually it is proven that they attach you and not someone else, by naming and mentioning object (some times numbers and words in  texts) of your environment that only you can see. Or they repeat what you read, or listen in cinema, mp3 etc.  

7.18 "The attackers at times of sickness and illness or hospital surgery"

This essentially criminal tactic is my monstrous and reptilian character subjects that choose to attach , and invade privacy, start belittling or insulting, remotely always at inner senses , the special times that your are ill in the bed, or your are after a hospital surgery , still in the hospital. I do not think t is necessary to comment more for this  shameful cowardice. It reminds some similar character nazi that used to torture and kill war prisoners. 

7.19 "The creative work injurer " They are attracted or they just sense and attach  any joy or enthusiasm in creative work in the computer, the web or on paper.

       Any resolution of a difficult scientific puzzle, any download of new free software tools that advance the scientific research, and  inspired new poetic verse, is attached by them , with insults or belittling. Any faster that the usual keyboard or mouse usage is sensed and attached. To them the intellectual work has feel mundane, obligatory, dull, etc. To them that work and hobby can be the same is emotionally unconceivable. And they want, like the ancient torturer Procroustis to degrade it to what they understand as work. As many successful people declare in the modern philosophy of individual achievements, enthusiasm is the fuel to successful creative work. They just want to make sure that there are not "fuels" so that they are sure you will fail like them. If you curse them , some of them will admit at the end that they were feeling envy to what you are doing.

7.20 "Those that  try to do remotely what they know is forbidden to do even to their neighbor man" A common characteristic of  many of the above cases is that the attackers or "Para physical hackers" try to impact to other people what they know is forbidden even for the physically near people, neighbors, friends, or simply people in the next seat in the bus, train or cinema. And obviously their intentions are evil, dirty and malicious. Compared to them the electronic hackers of the internet are childish tricks. The violation of free will, the injury of emotions, thinking and moral of other human beings in that direct and deep way, is unforgivable. If parts of the civilizations do not have the evolutions of soul and consciousness to have integrity in the use of internet, then  by far those "pare physical attackers and hackers" certainly luck the evolutions of soul  and consciousness to interact in any way with mutual consent with other human beings remotely and directly. An obvious proof of their underdevelopment as consciousness and human personality  , is their repetitive use of the verb "have" in such interactions. "I have him", " I have what he is doing", "I have her/his feelings" "I have her/his thoughts" In general their model of human interactions (and this applies to face-to-face physical contact) is that of the stable of pets and animals, or storehouse of objects. As Stephen Covey puts it, such people are in the dependency stage of their consciousness (like 15 years old children) and have never reached yet, the stage of independence and interdependence, that are of mature human beings. The biological age does not matter. Some of them die still in the  emotional age of 15 at the age of dependence. They try anxiously to reinforce it and reproduce it continuously to what the meet in their life ad this includes accidental or systematic "Para physical hacking"  

7.21 "Remote health destruction or murdering" It is obvious that systematic repetitive destruction of sensitive sides of the life of a human being (creative work, sex and human relations, entertainment hours,  classified hours of self contemplations and self-talking etc) deprive human beings from that vital energy, rest and fluent flow of their everyday life. The very word disease signifies it : dis-ease. Life becomes unnaturally and unnecessarily uneasy , due to the low evolution people's remote aggressiveness and hostility, as above which  eventually leads to disease. It is not an exaggeration to state that all this minority of remote Para physical  hackers that the individual experiences leads it to premature death. And those systematic Para physical hackers are indirect murderess , moral perpetrators  of sending people to the hospital,  madhouse or  grave. Heart attacks, cancer, and brain strokes are among other diseases, the results of their hacking.

7.22 "The reptilian character of the corrupt  remote invisible tyranny of  over familiarity interpolation" Most of the above subtle criminal interpolations have a common source and character: The reptilian nature of the temper, substratum psychic, impact of kineasthetics,  poisoned language, hatred and maliciousness. It is as if the reptilian kingdom is trying to play the game of God , exercise adultery, boast for their  object-like hardship and largess  to the kingdoms of higher evolved and softer mammals. Or as if some human mammals do have reptilian souls or spirit.


If the above actions, where implemented in electronic signal form by spying electronic devices, obviously they would violate societies laws, like hackers and crackers of the internet , and would be persecuted. The same if this was with physical action in body-presence face-to face. They would be simply robbers or rapists. Or if it was during medieval  times they would be burned in fires as magicians and witches.

But in the present society, most of those that do it, have dishonest and corrupt motives e.g. trying to figure out the other peoples investments or accounting, ("how is he making his money?" etc) , private affairs, to figure out sexual actions, etc. Their dishonest and almost criminal or anomalous motives include besides economic cheating, sexual harassment, or simply pettiness. For a very small minority of the attackers, this can be accidental, and these people directly stop it by disassociating their attention from that. It may be that in such cases the "attackers" are not really attackers but almost "victims" that their "inner telepathic attention"  was absorbed or trapped by what an other is doing or saying in an other place. For an even smaller minority (they are reported some monks that have this ability) , it is supposed that it is for blessing or watching if the victim or rather “subject” here, is in need. But definitely if the “subject” has clearly expressed his  disagreement with that, and rejects their intervention, if the insist, and repeat it they obviously fall in the previous cases of telepathic attackers with corrupt motives.


I assume that there is not an obvious way for someone to defend himself from such attacks. Probably the older methods of defending physical attacks and pettiness apply:


  1. Avoid voiceless or voiced self-talk when such an intruder appears,

  2. Avoid speaking  what you are doing.

  3. Avoid writing critical classified or confidential text when such an intruder appears.

  4. Avoid saying even to friends what you were doing or communicate critical information, because “even walls have ears”. Try to communicate this information when the  presence of the attackers  is not felt.

  5. Be prepared that this happens and shall going on happening, as criminals never stop and more and again  they appear in every age. Especially when they realize that it is very difficult for others to prove their harassment. Having this expectation do not get upset, loose you temper and make their effect even worse. It is pointless that 80% of your positive energy and time is wasted in cursing them.

  6. Telepathic harassment that is directed to a 2nd person, when there is no proof that is for you, is to be considered as directed to someone else of their proximity, and simply heard. Remember to disassociate events with their  interpretation and reflexive reaction.

  7. Do not reveal the nature of your emotions and thoughts about what you are doing and working without serious precautions. This means do not use self talk. Or if you do remember that the inner voice has levels of decibel. Remember also the internal voice has levels of  realization in the consciousness and exercise you inner speaking at a so refined and high level that the malicious intentions of the intruder can never reach. To do so remember that there is an “I” of the physical body level, an “I” at the emotional level, and “I” at the Intellectual level, and an “I” at the intuitional and spiritual level. In addition inner consciousness does not end with inner hearing. there is also inner kinesthetic feeling and inner seeing. Each of such ranges of the senses has its own "I". The mental firewalls can be created by identifying the sensual type of the signal of the attacker (is it auditory, visual, kinesthetic?) and then resort with an "I" to the rest of the sensual ranges and continuing the "wheels of the consciousness" there. If e.g. the audio inner self-talk ceases, the attacker has nothing to find and is directing his attention elsewhere. It is also advised to switch as much as possible in such cases and if the attacker get access only to internal hearing, the focus of attention to external senses and activities. The "law of substitution" takes action. This may require e.g. to put some earphones to listen to MP3 or other recordings laud enough to cover the broadcasting to inner listening of the attacker.

  8. Avoid places, group of people, societies and even nations that this happens more often , and more intensely. E.g. as you say  this is in your experience only when you live in the society of your native country and not when you stay and live in foreign countries. In addition most probably the systematic repetition of it is only by few  corrupt individuals in the society of your native country.

  9. Remember that even an attacker has a glimpse only from what you see, or hear or do, or feel or think. They cannot access more complicated reasoning, actions, longer texts, computer codes, and details of the material environment.  Thus they maybe considered that they only try an unsurpassed in a fuller sense physical firewall.  The encapsulation of information in objects like closed books, CD’s microchips, etc is totally inaccessible to such telepathic  intruders. Most probably they get access to a temporary memory of the senses in your brain. Most of them may act like the gamblers that think that they can guess the next number in the roulette. If you have one of your diaries closed in front of you on your desk, then you Know what is written in it , character by character, at least because you can open it and see it. While the telepathic intruder does not. He is only waiting to steal it from a superficial surface of your brain. Thus you know, he (she) cannot know. If the physical world was not a unsurpassed firewall to them, they would not need for them to exist in physical bodies.

  10. One of the right psychological keys is that you must handle it with the cognitive context not the ontological.  In other words ask yourself: "What is the source of this intervention? Is it anonymous and unrecognizable?" If yes and especially if they insist and try to play a game of "I know you, you do not know me or I can see you, you cannot see me!" Then simply totally ignore it. It does not qualify  for a honest , and of mutual respect communication. Automatically it falls to dishonest and of corrupt motives, attack. And it does not qualify too as a source of critic. Conscience is always at the souls level never at the level of telepathy at concrete mind. And the insult to ignore attempts to speak to you is one of the worse to people with self-respect. But even if you recognize the  person attempting to communicate with you in such a way, remember the present world is full of mobiles, computers, telephones etc, and if that person was serious , honest, and really wanted to communicate, he would follow one of the standard respectable, ways of  communication. The mere fact of trying to harass you or mock you in that way, classifies them to  garbage.

  11. Do not let such attempts to determine your feelings and thoughts on what you are doing. No one else has the right neither is entitle to determine the nature of your feelings and concepts about what you are doing than yourself. And in addition do not let them  distort the nature of yourself in what you are doing. Reject any image projected by the telepathic attackers from your imagination. Choose the context , feelings and interpretation to the information reaching your brain, and beliefs on the missing information  that is of benefit to you and does not make you loose your good mood, and energy .

  12. Try to make fun of them instead of loose you temper, and even try to take advantage, and gain something from their dishonest attempts.

  13. There is a pattern in them as it is deduced from your reporting : In all economics transactions of the month in ATM’s, in programming code of your financial simulators, in writing about spiritual matters in your note books, in sexual intimate interaction, in short in most everyday situations that are highly private and most people know that they must have discretion and respect each other.

  14. Remember that there are plenty many people living in sanatoria, where their  lives have been destroyed from the moment they were persuaded and got to believed by themselves that they are mad and creasy and could not find the power and serenity to handle these attacks.

  15. Use modern techniques for analyzing the state of consciousness, like NLP and apply reframing, fast forward, fast backwards of visualized situations that are hurtful or irritating.  

  16. Study in the web, techniques of the MAHARIC SHIELD.


 Probably there are even more powerful and better way to avoid it .

These are for the moment my suggestions  and best wishes for handling it.


Some very interesting, relevant and revealing articles

Search the web with the key word MAHARIC SHIELD


Other relevant links





We must eliminate the old alienation that are relevant to past tyrannies and choose to  :

To be: Becoming truly self-confident and free to unconditionally be responsible for one's self, without being coerced to accept some higher authority.

To have :

Responsible freedom of self-determination 

Types of subtle (emotional) tyranny can occur from a person directly to an other person during private communication and private join life. For example cases of couples that have one-sided domination mode of functioning. Subtle (emotional and not only) tyranny  can occur to the private life of a person, originating from an impersonal system (e.g. an over-debt monetary system or a system violating private life and private information with no serious reason). And of course conversely a political dictator tyrant will exert direct or subtle hidden tyranny to the majority of the society.   

A free world consists of individuals who say what they think and demonstrate what moves them. They are not subordinate to anyone or anything except their own knowledge and their own consciousness. The mature community is a grass roots democracy of free individuals.The individual and the community are equal and complementary forces in a non-violent world. 

Non-mature and underdeveloped societies , often exert indirect subtle tyranny from person to person, through application of pettiness from human to human, and through exercise of psychological power from a person to another person so as to  possess the other persons action, feelings thoughts and even roles of self. (see post to be, to think, to do to have, as 4 levels of the human existence). When a person is trying to possess another persons private possessions , we know it is the crime of theft. But this crime can easily be done in a subtle way, psychologically , by someone claiming silently or not in him that he possess the other persons private belongings , (although he formally knows that he/she does not) for the purpose of possessing the other persons feelings, desires, guess personal information, and in general for the purpose of manipulating , alienating  and applying psychological force on him/her. Of course this is a negative form of empathy, often driven by jealousy, hatred etc, and they are  trans-passing and violating  the private space of the other person. If it would remain to the public space of the self of a person it would not be so dangerous. But it often involves claims of undeserving over-familiarity. Of course it is a form of subtle tyranny, if it is applied repetitively in large numbers, and in a systematic way, especially when the targeted person cannot avoid it, defend, cannot do the same to them for reasons of principles, and when all the strategic and critical private moments, spaces, and actions are attached. (Like morning/night dressing, eating, bathing, having sex, any activity that may involve pleasure, entering/existing the home, in moments of sensitive creativity, in moments of intimate personal relations, and when doing sensitive business). It results in deep psychological disturbance, psychological traumas, anger, distortion of the persons true emotions, and thoughts in respect to his actions and interactions with other people, and reduces radically his creative abilities, and success in business. In addition it is lowering the self-responsibility of the person, and is driving it to alienation through the above attempts of manipulation.  It is often of course  lowering the persons frequency and is a serious draw back to his/her evolution. Not all societies and social groups have such phenomena in excess numbers between their persons, but when they do, living in such a human environment is unbearable for an advanced subject, who is respecting and honoring himself, and is not allowing himself to fall in to alienation. 

Communities are rare in societies but very valuable. In the past centuries most of the communities had a religious specialization (monastery communities) , and were respected. 

In modern societies the communities have enhanced their focus to many different values like

eco-sustainability, spirituality, renewable energy model, art-creativity, better human relations etc

True and good communities had and have the quality of saints (holiness) and a sense of sacred actions. But holiness should be understood here not as  a quality of being pathetic and weak, but as higher frequency of the body and the consciousness; a  necessary condition for higher development of powerful future intelligence  for the civilization. Communities experience the origins of democracy. Their size cannot be larger than what  the soul power of each member can give for a "group soul". This is also the reason why democracy is very often jeopardised or seems without "logic" in large populations of millions of people. Our collective soul power (at the present state of evolution) is not enough for the necessary quality that large scale democracy requires. 

 Some of the modern comprise almost all of the liberating values in this Blog, and are brilliant examples of miniatures of societies where all the basic 7 difficulties of the current civilization (see post 1) are resolved. That is why living in them is so much more a happy experience , than the average living in the rest of the societies.

Communities are not only a laboratory of the future of the civilization, but also a very significant healing influence to the rest of the societies.

By the very nature of the rather tight relations in a community, an individual can find the missing larger-scale of intimacy (compared to the scale of intimacy of a couple) which may heal his emotional and spiritual world. Within a community he may find the true key values for a happy couples and family life. He creates his new communitarian self, and cultivates the value of true friendship.

The main ethical values in a community are spiritual freedom, economic freedom and moral freedom. Also truth,  trust, mutual support,  responsible participation, and a similar  experience of life of shared values.